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 on: Today at 01:19:30 PM 
Started by James - a humble servant - Last post by James - a humble servant
July 6


Maria Goretti was born in Corinaldo, Ancona, Italy, on October 16 1890; her farmworker father moved his family to Ferrier di Conca, near Anzio. Her father died of malaria and her mother had to struggle to feed her children. In 1902 an eighteen-year-old neighbor, Alexander, tried to assault her. When Maria said that she would rather die than submit, Alexander began stabbing her with a knife. As she lay in the hospital, she forgave Alexander before she died. Her death didn't end her forgiveness, however.
Alexander was captured and sentenced to thirty years. He was unrepentant until he had a dream that he was in a garden. Maria was there and gave him flowers. When he woke, he was a changed man, repenting of his crime and living a reformed life. When he was released after 27 years he went directly to Maria's mother to beg her forgiveness, which she gave. "If my daughter can forgive him, who am I to withold forgiveness," she said.
When Maria was declared a saint in 1950, Alexander was there in the St. Peter's crowd to celebrate her canonization. She was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1950 for her purity as model for youth.

 on: Today at 08:16:25 AM 
Started by odhiambo - Last post by odhiambo
O Sacred Heart of Jesus
We place our trust in Thee!

 on: Today at 07:57:05 AM 
Started by George - Last post by odhiambo
O Sacred Heart of Jesus
We place our trust in Thee!

 on: Today at 07:47:49 AM 
Started by odhiambo - Last post by odhiambo
O Sacred Heart of Jesus
We place our trust in Thee!

 on: Today at 07:24:57 AM 
Started by George - Last post by odhiambo
O Sacred Heart of Jesus
We place our trust in Thee!

 on: Yesterday at 10:53:47 PM 
Started by Shin - Last post by Shin
Great to see you pebbles!

Of course folks should put aside time for intimate prayer! Cheesy

My you have quite a commute!!! I will pray for you!

 on: Yesterday at 10:50:33 PM 
Started by Therese - Last post by Shin
Ho ho, I am just a bit busy with the new house!

Of course we should be following Our Lady's instructions!!


 on: Yesterday at 09:54:55 PM 
Started by Therese - Last post by Therese
What's wrong, Shin?  Are you frightened to answer my question? Smiley  I know that our Lady asks a lot from us in this work, but I also know that it is best that we obey her in all things.

 on: Yesterday at 07:14:31 PM 
Started by CyrilSebastian - Last post by CyrilSebastian
{A} Pelargonium Galilee         
{B} An ivy-leaved deciduous perennial. The large, double, rose-pink flowers, with a silvery reverse,             
                          are in clusters. The flowers are cup-shaped.     
{C} Pope Francis I's Easter Vigil Homily of 2014 was entitled Where is My Galilee? Encountering Jesus.     
  :teaandcoffee: :teaandcoffee: :teaandcoffee: :teaandcoffee: :teaandcoffee: :teaandcoffee: :teaandcoffee: :teaandcoffee: :teaandcoffee:

 on: Yesterday at 12:22:56 AM 
Started by Shin - Last post by pebbles
Don't imagine that, if you had a great deal of time, you would spend more of it in prayer. Get rid of that idea; it is no hindrance to prayer to spend your time well.
----- St. Theresa of Avila

I guess I was wrong all this time  shrug I have been trying to get that time for intimate prayer but I don't seem to succeed. I compensate by praying offering all my prayers, works, and sufferings, of the day the very moment I wake up coz I might forget to pray. Pray the rosary going to work because it takes me 4 to 5 hours a day spent on the road going to and from work. A simple thank you for not being late despite the traffic or got a ride despite the fact that very few trains are available or finally getting a seat on the train after waiting for it to arrive after 30 minutes of waiting...  Everyday is a struggle to get to and from one's destination and so I am thankful for small mercies and surviving and getting home safely at the end of the day.

Because of this hectic day, for me a DAY is a life of prayer.

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