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 on: Today at 08:49:05 PM 
Started by Shin - Last post by CyrilSebastian
                   My maternal grandfather appreciates this joke.     
                   He is a shoemaker.         
                       thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up happywave happywave

 on: Today at 08:31:12 PM 
Started by Poche - Last post by CyrilSebastian
         In Catholics Come Home website, it was informative to learn that Pope John Paul II, in Ecclesia in America, wrote: "Using the media correctly and competently can lead to genuine enculturation of the Gospel."

 on: Today at 01:55:03 PM 
Started by Shin - Last post by Shin
St Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!  crucifix

 on: Today at 01:54:40 PM 
Started by CyrilSebastian - Last post by Shin
It is St. John.  Cheesy

 on: Today at 07:16:21 AM 
Started by George - Last post by odhiambo
A Prayer by Saint Benedict for Seekers of Faith

Gracious and Holy Father,
give us the wisdom to discover You,
the intelligence to understand You,
the diligence to seek after You,
the patience to wait for You,
eyes to behold You,
a heart to meditate upon You,
and a life to proclaim You,
through the power of the Spirit of Jesus, our Lord.

 on: Today at 04:37:49 AM 
Started by Brigid - Last post by odhiambo
"Any wound, but not a wound of the heart!

Any wickedness, but not the wickedness of a woman!"

Sirach 25:13

 on: Today at 04:34:32 AM 
Started by Poche - Last post by Poche

Of the state of the souls in Hell and of the difference between them and those in Purgatory. Reflections of this saint on those who are careless of their salvation.

Hence it is manifest that there is perversity of will, contrary to the will of God, where the guilt is known and ill will persists, and that the guilt of those who have passed with ill will from this life to Hell is not remitted, nor can be since they may no longer change the will with which they have passed out of this life, in which passage the soul is made stable in good or evil in accordance with its deliberate will. As it is written, "Ubi te invenero," that is in the hour of death, with the will to sin or dissatisfaction with sin or repentance for sin, "Ibi te judicabo." Of which judgment there is afterwards no remission, as I will shew:

After death free will can never return, for the will is fixed as it was at the moment of death. Because the souls in Hell were found at the moment of death to have in them the will to sin, they bear the guilt throughout eternity, suffering not indeed the pains they merit but such pains as they endure, and these without end. But the souls in Purgatory bear only pain, for their guilt was wiped away at the moment of their death when they were found to be ill content with their sins and repentant for their offences against divine goodness. Therefore their pain is finite and its time ever lessening, as has been said.

O misery beyond all other misery, the greater that human blindness takes it not into account!

The pain of the damned is not infinite in quantity because the dear goodness of God sheds the ray of His mercy even in Hell. For man dead in sin merits infinite pain for an infinite time, but God's mercy has allotted infinity to him only in time and has determined the quantity of his pain; in justice God could have given him more pain.

O how dangerous is sin committed in malice! Hardly does a man repent him thereof, and without repentance he will bear its guilt for as long as he perseveres, that is for as long as he wills a sin committed or wills to sin again.

 on: Today at 03:56:24 AM 
Started by Poche - Last post by Poche
Something bad happened last night. Please pray for us
 crucifix crucifix crucifix

 on: Today at 03:55:48 AM 
Started by Poche - Last post by Poche
Please pray for the students in my catechism class that they learn to love Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.
 cross prayer cross prayer cross prayer

 on: Today at 03:54:45 AM 
Started by Shin - Last post by Poche
St Sylvvester pray for us
 crucifix crucifix crucifix

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