Saint of the day and Feast days - Part 2

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July 31
Today we remember
Saint Neot
Among many other Saints

Saint Neot
According to Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Saints, Neot was a monk at Glastonbury Abbey in England. He was ordained, but left the abbey to become a hermit in Cornwall, an area that later became known as Saint Neot. According to tradition, Neot was related to King Alfred the Great who used to visit him for advise. Somewhat unkindly, the Saint was called " the Pigmy Saint", awing to the fact that he was, reportedly, just 15 inches tall.
He died in 877. His relics are at Saint Neot's church, Cambridgeshire, England, and at the abbey of Bee, Normandy, France
He was canonized,
Saint Neot
Pray for us!

St Neot, pray for us!

Do not let any occasion of gaining merit pass without taking care to draw some spiritual profit from it; as, for example, from a sharp word which someone may say to you; from an act of obedience imposed against your will; from an opportunity which may occur to humble yourself, or to practice charity, sweetness, and patience. All of these occasions are gain for you, and you should seek to procure them; and at the close of that day, when the greatest number of them have come to you, you should go to rest most cheerful and pleased, as the merchant does on the day when he had had most chance for making money; for on that day business has prospered with him.

-- Saint Ignatius of  Loyola

Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Please pray for us

The Month of August is Dedicated to The Immaculate Heart of Mary


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