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Title: St. Francis de Sales: Mystical Flora - Christian Life under the Emblem of Plants
Post by: Shin on February 14, 2010, 09:36:01 AM
I just wanted to draw everyone's attention to this beautiful new book addition to Saints' Books. (

I am about to tell all those who listen to me, that their souls are God's vineyard, in which faith is the cistern, hope the tower, holy charity the wine-press, and the law of God the hedge that separates them from unfaithful people.

To you, dear daughter, I say, that your will is your vineyard; the Divine inspirations poured into your soul by God, the cistern; holy chastity, the tower, which, like that of David, should be made of ivory; obedience, by which all your actions become meritorious, the wine-press.

Oh! may God preserve this vineyard which He has planted with his own hand. May He fill the cistern with the abundant waters of Divine grace. May He protect his tower; may his wine-press, beneath the pressure of his hand, teem with good wine; may He always keep the beautiful hedge with which He has surrounded his vineyard close and thick; and may his holy angels be the immortal vine-dressers.

St. Francis de Sales

And now I truly must be off!