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Title: Little Flowers Family Press Emergency
Post by: Shin on June 04, 2013, 11:48:48 PM
Some of you may know of Little Flowers Family Press.  :flower:

They share modesty stories and traditional and family books of rare virtue. They truly are a family work, and very beautiful.

They're a rare little part of the modesty movement, and more, and if they aren't up to the standards of the saints, but how few are? and they try hard in their way and do good in this life that few do.

And Rita has written a book called Immodesty: Satan's Virtue which sold out its second edition not too long ago. Rita is working on a 3rd edition of 'Immodesty: Satan's Virtue' and hoping to get it into print.

If only more families devoted themselves to modesty, faith, and traditional good books.

I just received an email asking for emergency donations.

Well, they're having a family emergency and need raise some money because of problems at the bank. Just wanted to let folks know.

Rita has a number that folks can call and donate via credit card to:


They're at:

    2988 Elphin Maberly Rd.
    McDonalds Corners, ON
    CANADA K0G 1M0