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Title: New Book: An Epitome of the Priestly Life
Post by: Shin on November 15, 2013, 03:33:40 AM
We have a new volume added to Saints' Books.

Canon Arvisenet's 'An Epitome of the Priestly Life' (http://file:///C:/-%20Workbench%20-%20WWW%20Work/

This is a manual for priests, and well worth reading too for the laity to understand the priceless gift a good priest is.

'What is man, my son, and for what purpose was he created? Was it not that he should fear God, keep his commandments, adore him and serve him alone? What art thou, my son? Why wast thou made a priest? Surely for this purpose, that in this most excellent work thou shouldst be placed over men to lead them to fear, adore and worship me. grand dignity! sublime ministry! I am in heaven, my son; men are upon earth; and thou art midway between me and them that thou mayst direct them in my name, that they may obey you, as they would me. I am God, the Creator; men are my creatures ; thou art placed over them that thou mayst induce them to render to me the things that are mine. I am the Father of Lights; men are in darkness; thou art a candle set in the midst that through thee the true light may enlighten them.'