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Title: Saints' Quotes - New Section
Post by: Shin on December 06, 2013, 04:14:19 PM
Inspirational Quotes from the Saints ( has been updated with the new 'Selections' ( section.

This section of the site is devoted to reflection and meditation with the inspirational quotations of the saints.

A small beginning it is hoped that as time goes by there will be more additions for reflection and meditation on various subjects. With this small beginning there are at least four centuries of quotations on Heaven (, Hell (, Conversation (, and the Fewness of the Saved (

The section on Heaven, containing above 100 texts, was recently completed thankfully, and should see a little more polishing in the future, as will all the series.

This is the first of several planned significant updates to the websites over this coming month. Please enjoy the old websites as you can, there will be new sections and new material, shortly if it please God.  :crucifix: