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Title: READ ALL Button & Recent Posts
Post by: Shin on September 14, 2014, 04:55:17 AM
The 'Recent Posts' box has been temporarily enabled at the bottom of the forums main page.

This box shows you the last four most recent posts on the forum.

If the response to the 'Recent Posts' box is positive it will be kept.

As always, and in case you didn't know the yellow READ ALL button at the top of the forum shows you all the posts you haven't read, whatever their number. This prevents posts being missed, it's a very helpful button to click!

If you are new to the forums, clicking the 'mark as read' button on the bottom right will clear these, so only new unread posts will be listed.

There are no rules against reviving older threads on these forums. It is beneficial to add more substance to old discussions. Please do post.