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Title: World Population Growth Rate
Post by: Shin on February 21, 2015, 10:56:30 AM

As can be seen from the sharp decline in the red line, the influence of population control measures has been tremendous on reducing the sizes of families. Instead of large families, tiny ones, with all the disadvantages that come from the lack of relatives to support one another.

What is that huge gap in the year of Our Lord 1960?

What happened then?

In China, 'The Great Leap Forwards' is the cause for the gigantic gap.

Sources say the Communist government in China to deny the size of the deaths gave the lowest false estimate they could -- 14 million.

Another "official" Communist Chinese low estimate put out is 16.5 million.

Non-Chinese Communist propaganda estimates of the deaths range from as low as two to as much as four times those amounts.

This is far however, from all.

The deaths due to Mao were not only from the "Great Leap Forwards".

They range tens of millions higher directly during his life, and far higher thereafter due to his policies.

China however is far from alone, the world power brokers, ruling the media and banking industries, have immoral population control propaganda continually spread throughout the world, pouring billions into its promotion.

The cataclysmic deaths due to abortion, and abortion causing "contraceptives" like the pill, exceed Chairman Mao's oversight of China.