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Title: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 08, 2020, 04:58:57 PM
Psalm 1: Latin : Douay-Rheims: Brenton Septuagint
1Beatus vir qui non abiit in consilio impiorum,
et in via peccatorum non stetit,
et in cathedra pestilentiæ non sedit ;
2 sed in lege Domini voluntas ejus,
et in lege ejus meditabitur die ac nocte.
3 Et erit tamquam lignum quod plantatum
est secus decursus aquarum,
quod fructum suum dabit in tempore suo : et folium ejus non defluet ;
et omnia quæcumque faciet prosperabuntur. 4 Non sic impii, non sic ;
sed tamquam pulvis quem projicit ventus a
facie terræ.
5 Ideo non resurgent impii in judicio, neque peccatores in concilio justorum :
6 quoniam novit Dominus viam justorum, et iter impiorum peribit.
Douay Rheims
1Blessed is the man who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stood in the way of sinners, nor sat in the chair of pestilence.
2But his will is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he shall meditate day and night.
3And he shall be like a tree which is planted near the running waters, which shall bring forth its fruit, in due season. And his leaf shall not fall off: and all whosoever he shall do shall prosper.
4Not so the wicked, not so: but like the dust, which the wind driveth from the face of the earth.
5Therefore the wicked shall not rise again in judgment: nor sinners in the council of the just.
6For the Lord knoweth the way of the just: and the way of the wicked shall perish.
Brenton Septuagint
1Blessed is the man who has not walked in the counsel of the ungodly, and has not stood in the way of sinners, and has not sat in the seat of evil men.
2But his pleasure is in the law of the Lord; and in his law will he meditate day and night.
3And he shall be as a tree planted by the brooks of waters, which shall yield its fruit in its season, and its leaf shall not fall off; and whatsoever he shall do shall be prospered.
4Not so the ungodly; —not so: but rather as the chaff which the wind scatters away from the face of the earth.
5Therefore the ungodly shall not rise in judgment, nor sinners in the counsel of the just.
6For the Lord knows the way of the righteous; but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 09, 2020, 03:20:46 PM
Reflection on Psalm 1
Blessed is the one who hearkens to the counsel of God.
Blessed are they whom God counsels.
Blessed is the Law of the Lord, for it leads one aright!
Blessed and Holy is the Lord, of His Holiness we have received the Commandments and Beatitudes!
His Spirit shall lead us into all Truth!
For His Word is Truth!
Sanctify us with Your Word O Lord!
In Paradise is the Tree of Life, it is filled with the Life of God
being nourished by the river of the water of life, clear as crystal,
proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb,
its leaves never wither and are for the healing of the nations
and its fruit is ever plentiful, bearing fruit in ever season of the year,
its blossoms ever in bloom, fills the Paradise of God with a fragrance that is better than the finest incense.
Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb: that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city.
And there shall be no curse any more; but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and his servants shall serve him.
There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh.
For the law of the spirit of life, in Christ Jesus, has delivered us from the law of sin and of death.
They shall see God's face: and God's name shall be on their foreheads.
And night shall be no more: and they shall not need the light of the lamp,
nor the light of the sun, because the Lord God shall enlighten them, and they shall reign for ever and ever.

But it is not so with the wicked and the ungodly
The fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars,
 they shall have their portion in the pool burning with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.
And I saw the dead, great and small, standing in the presence of the throne, and the books were opened;
and another book was opened, which is the book of life;
and the dead were judged by those things which were written in the books, according to their works.
For the nation and the kingdom that will not serve thee, shall perish

But His people shall be all just, they shall inherit the land for ever, the branch of His planting, the work of His hand to glorify God.
This is my covenant with them, saith the Lord: My spirit that is in thee, and my words that I have put in thy mouth,
shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed,
saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever.
The way of the just is right, the path of the just is right to walk in.
The path of the just, as a shining light, goeth forwards and increases even to perfect day.
That thou mayst walk in a good way: and mayst keep the paths of the just.
For they that are upright shall dwell in the earth, and the simple shall continue in it.
But the wicked shall be destroyed from the earth: and they that do unjustly shall be taken away from it.

If thou wilt return, O Israel, saith the Lord, return to me: if thou wilt take away thy stumblingblocks out of my sight, thou shalt not be moved.
And thou shalt swear: As the Lord liveth, in truth, and in judgement, and in justice: and the Gentiles shall bless him, and shall praise him.
For thus saith the Lord to the men of Juda and Jerusalem: Break up anew your fallow ground, and sow not upon thorns:
Be circumcised to the Lord, and take away the foreskins of your hearts, ye men of Juda, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem:
 lest my indignation come forth like fire, and burn, and there be none that can quench it: because of the wickedness of your thoughts.
I say to you, that even so there shall be joy in heaven upon one sinner that doth penance, more than upon ninety-nine just who need not penance.

Submit thyself then to him, and be at peace: and thereby thou shalt have the best fruits.
Receive the law of his mouth, and lay up his words in thy heart.
If thou wilt return to the Almighty, thou shalt be built up, and shalt put away iniquity far from thy tabernacle.

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 09, 2020, 08:13:33 PM
Psalm 2 Latin
Quare fremuerunt gentes,
et populi meditati sunt inania ?
2 Astiterunt reges terræ,
et principes convenerunt in unum adversus Dominum, et adversus christum
3 Dirumpamus vincula eorum,
et projiciamus a nobis jugum ipsorum.
4 Qui habitat in cælis irridebit eos,
et Dominus subsannabit eos.
5 Tunc loquetur ad eos in ira sua,
et in furore suo conturbabit eos.
6 Ego autem constitutus sum rex ab eo super Sion, montem sanctum ejus, prædicans præceptum ejus.
7 Dominus dixit ad me : Filius meus es tu ; ego hodie genui te.
8 Postula a me, et dabo tibi gentes
hæreditatem tuam,
et possessionem tuam terminos terræ.
9 Reges eos in virga ferrea,
et tamquam vas figuli confringes eos.
10 Et nunc, reges, intelligite ;
erudimini, qui judicatis terram.
11 Servite Domino in timore,
et exsultate ei cum tremore.
12 Apprehendite disciplinam, nequando
irascatur Dominus,
et pereatis de via justa.
13 Cum exarserit in brevi ira ejus, beati omnes qui confidunt in eo.
Douay Rheims
1Why have the Gentiles raged, and the people devised vain things?
2The kings of the earth stood up, and the princes met together, against the Lord and against his Christ.
3Let us break their bonds asunder: and let us cast away their yoke from us.
4He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh at them: and the Lord shall deride them.
5Then shall he speak to them in his anger, and trouble them in his rage.
6But I am appointed king by him over Sion his holy mountain, preaching his commandment.
7The Lord hath said to me: Thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee.
8Ask of me, and I will give thee the Gentiles for thy inheritance, and the utmost parts of the earth for thy possession.
9Thou shalt rule them with a rod of iron, and shalt break them in pieces like a potter's vessel.
10And now, O ye kings, understand: receive instruction, you that judge the earth.
11Serve ye the Lord with fear: and rejoice unto him with trembling.
12Embrace discipline, lest at any time the Lord be angry, and you perish from the just way. When his wrath shall be kindled in a short time, blessed are all they that trust in him.
Brenton Septuagint
1Wherefore did the heathen rage, and the nations imagine vain things?
2The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers gathered themselves together, against the Lord, and against his Christ;
3saying, Let us break through their bonds, and cast away their yoke from us.
4He that dwells in the heavens shall laugh them to scorn, and the Lord shall mock them.
5Then shall he speak to them in his anger, and trouble them in his fury.
6But I have been made king by him on Sion his holy mountain,
7declaring the ordinance of the Lord: the Lord said to me, Thou art my Son, to-day have I begotten thee.
8Ask of me, and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the ends of the earth for thy possession.
9Thou shalt rule them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces as a potter's vessel.
10Now therefore understand, ye kings: be instructed, all ye that judge the earth.
11Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice in him with trembling.
12Accept correction, lest at any time the Lord be angry, and ye should perish from the righteous way: whensoever his wrath shall be suddenly kindled, blessed are all they that trust in him.

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 10, 2020, 09:54:23 PM
Reflection on Psalm 2
Why did the heathen's rage against the Son of God? Why did the nations imagine crucifying the Savior?
They crucified God in their hearts, when they would not hear His voice or hearken to His Word.
The kings of the earth stood up, the rulers who were at war became friends solely to condemn the Lord Jesus Christ, that they might stand united against the Christ of God.
They have said in their hearts "Let us break the bonds of the Commandments, let us cast aside the yoke of the Covenant"
They are fools who oppose God.
God who dwells in heaven laughs at them; God holds these rebels in derision.
For who is like God?
Can anyone overcome the Almighty?
Can anyone outsmart Wisdom?
Can anyone out live the Eternal?
God shall speak, and His wrath shall be upon them and His fury shall trouble them.
But we have appointed the Lord in our hearts as King, He reigns in Zion, upon the Holy Mount, preaching the Commandments.
The Lord hath said to Christ: You are my Son, this day have I begotten You.
This day spoken of is the Eternal Day.
The day the Lord was begotten is beyond all time, yet Christ was begotten of the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit in time,
 that through Him, all things would be reconciled to God, and by His precious blood, peace would be restored.
The Father has given Christ, His Son, the Gentiles for His inheritance and the ends of the earth as His possession.
Christ shall rule with the Rod of Wisdom and His justice shall shatter the iniquity of the nations.
All the kings shall come to the Lord to understand the Way, to receive in instruction in the Truth that they may choose Life.
God judges the earth therefore serve the Lord with gladness; work out your salvation with fear and trembling but rejoice always for Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God has set us free.
Embrace the discipleship of divine love, accept the correction of the Holy Spirit for the Father chastises and corrects those who are His sons and daughters they we might walk in the Way of righteousness.
Blessed are they that trust in the Lord; for they shall have perfect peace.

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 11, 2020, 03:38:50 PM
Psalm 3 Latin
Psalmus David, cum fugeret a facie Absalom filii sui.
2 Domine, quid multiplicati sunt qui tribulant me ?
Multi insurgunt adversum me ;
3 multi dicunt animæ meæ :
Non est salus ipsi in Deo ejus.
4 Tu autem Domine, susceptor meus es, gloria mea, et exaltans caput meum.
5 Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi ;
et exaudivit me de monte sancto suo.
6 Ego dormivi, et soporatus sum ;
et exsurrexi, quia Dominus suscepit me.
7 Non timebo millia populi circumdantis me. Exsurge, Domine ; salvum me fac, Deus
8 Quoniam tu percussisti omnes adversantes
mihi sine causa ;
dentes peccatorum contrivisti.
9 Domini est salus ;
et super populum tuum benedictio tua.
Douay Rheims
The psalm of David when he fled from the face of his son Absalom.
Why, O Lord, are they multiplied that afflict me? many are they who rise up against me.
2Many say to my soul: There is no salvation for him in his God.
3But thou, O Lord art my protector, my glory, and the lifter up of my head.
4I have cried to the Lord with my voice: and he hath heard me from his holy hill.
5I have slept and taken my rest: and I have risen up, because the Lord hath protected me.
6I will not fear thousands of the people, surrounding me: arise, O Lord; save me, O my God.
7For thou hast struck all them who are my adversaries without cause: thou hast broken the teeth of sinners.
8Salvation is of the Lord: and thy blessing is upon thy people.
Brenton Septuagint
A Psalm of David, when he fled from the presence of his son Abessalom.
O Lord, why are they that afflict me multiplied? many rise up against me.
2Many say concerning my soul, There is no deliverance for him in his God. Pause.
3But thou, O Lord, art my helper: my glory, and the one that lifts up my head.
4I cried to the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy mountain. Pause.
5I lay down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord will help me.
6I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, who beset me round about.
7Arise, Lord; deliver me, my God: for thou hast smitten all who were without cause mine enemies; thou hast broken the teeth of sinners.
8Deliverance is the Lord's, and thy blessing is upon thy people.

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 12, 2020, 05:52:17 PM
Reflection on Psalm 3
O Lord, many afflicted you, with spitting, with blows of fists, with stripes of whips, with cruel blasphemy saying "His God shall not save him." and "He saved others, let Him save Himself."
These have become proud in their hearts, despising the humble, they seek the humiliate those who serve God.
But You, O Lord! You are my Helper, my Comforter, you lift up my head when I am in sorrow and elevate my mind to heavenly things; for I trust in God and I shall not be ashamed.
I shall cry to the Lord in my distress, and the voice of my supplication I shall make known to the Almighty; God shall hear me from His holy hill.
I shall sleep the sleep of death and I shall rest in the Lord; but you shall raise me up O Lord my God; You shall awaken me to the glory of your presence and You O Lord shall be my help and my defense.
I will not fear though tens of thousands of demons or hundreds of thousands of men shall rise up against me; for the Lord is my Rock and I shall not be moved.
Arise O Lord and save us! With the strength of Your arm smite the wicked! Break the teeth of blasphemers!
For Salvation is from our God and Deliverance is the Lord's; O Lord let Your blessing be upon Your people and do not forsake the work of Your hands!

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 12, 2020, 06:06:59 PM
Psalm 4 Latin
In finem, in carminibus. Psalmus David.
2 Cum invocarem exaudivit me Deus justitiæ meæ,
in tribulatione dilatasti mihi.
Miserere mei, et exaudi orationem meam.
3 Filii hominum, usquequo gravi corde ?
ut quid diligitis vanitatem, et quæritis
mendacium ?
4 Et scitote quoniam mirificavit Dominus
sanctum suum ;
Dominus exaudiet me cum clamavero ad
5 Irascimini, et nolite peccare ;
quæ dicitis in cordibus vestris, in cubilibus
vestris compungimini.
6 Sacrificate sacrificium justitiæ, et sperate in
Multi dicunt : Quis ostendit nobis bona ?
7 Signatum est super nos lumen vultus tui,
Domine : dedisti lætitiam in corde meo.
8 A fructu frumenti, vini, et olei sui,
multiplicati sunt.
9 In pace in idipsum dormiam, et
requiescam ;
10 quoniam tu, Domine, singulariter in spe
constituisti me.
Douay Rheims
1Unto the end, in verses. A psalm of David.
When I called upon him, the God of my justice heard me: when I was in distress, thou hast enlarged me.
Have mercy on me: and hear my prayer.
2O ye sons of men, how long will you be dull of heart? why do you love vanity, and seek after lying?
3Know ye also that the Lord hath made his holy one wonderful:
the Lord will hear me when I shall cry unto him.
4Be angry, and sin not: the things you say in your hearts, be sorry for them upon your beds.
5Offer up the sacrifice of justice, and trust in the Lord: many say, Who sheweth us good things?
6The light of thy countenance O Lord, is signed upon us: thou hast given gladness in my heart.
7By the fruit of their corn, their wine and oil, they are multiplied.
8In peace in the selfsame I will sleep, and I will rest: for thou, O Lord, singularly hast settled me in hope.
Brentin Septuagint
1For the End, a Song of David among the Psalms.
When I called upon him, the God of my righteousness heard me: thou hast made room for me in tribulation;
pity me, and hearken to my prayer.
2O ye sons on men, how long will ye be slow of heart? wherefore do ye love vanity, and seek falsehood? Pause.
3But know ye that the Lord has done wondrous things for his holy one:
the Lord will hear me when I cry to him.
4Be ye angry, and sin not; feel compunction upon your beds for what ye say in your hearts. Pause.
5Offer the sacrifice of righteousness, and trust in the Lord.
6Many say, Who will shew us good things? the light of thy countenance, O Lord, has been manifested towards us.
7Thou hast put gladness into my heart: they have been satisfied with the fruit of their corn and wine and oil.
8I will both lie down in peace and sleep: for thou, Lord, only hast caused me to dwell securely.

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 16, 2020, 04:19:08 PM
Reflection on Psalm 4
I invoke the God of Justice! Hearken to my prayer of God of Righteousness!
Uphold me in my tribulation, have mercy on me and behold the supplication of my prayer with Thy infinite kindness!
For I am but a mortal, and dull of mind and slow of heart; quicken Thou me that I may ascend to Thee by Thy goodness and Thy grace!
O vanity of vanity! All is vanity, save for that which pleases Thee O Master, Lover of Mankind!
The earth is filled with violence and falsehood! Do Thou O Most High, purge the earth by Thy goodness and sanctify us by Thy Truth for Thy Word is Truth!
Make known to us O Lord Thy wonderful works! Reveal to us O God Thy wondrous things; for Thou art Holy and Thou alone art God!
Hearken unto my cry O Lord for Thou art replete with mercy and lovingkindness and turneth not away a sinner, who repenting, comes unto Thee!
For I have caused Thee anger by my sins! Increase in me compunction for my sins that my heart may weep with sincerity of godly sorrow!
Have pity on the work of Thy hands O Master, Lover of Mankind!
Since Thou dost desire that man should be redeemed from sin, death and hell; Thou, Thyself, has offered a perfect sacrifice of justice, a free offering of righteousness upon the Cross!
I trust in Thee O Lord and unto Thee do I offer thanksgiving, glory and praise!
To Thy Name be glory and honor forever!
May the Light of Thy presence be upon us! May Thy Holy Spirit be manifested in us! May Thy Word dwell in us and transform us! May Thy grace sanctify us!
For Thou has put gladness into my heart; for thou hast made known to me eternal things and the fruit of the Spirit Thou has promised unto us!
In Thee O Lord I shall rest; in Thy strong name I shall find comfort; for Thou O Lord art my hope and in Thee I shall dwell securely.

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 16, 2020, 04:24:34 PM
Psalm 5
In finem, pro ea quæ hæreditatem consequitur. Psalmus David.
2 Verba mea auribus percipe, Domine ; intellige clamorem meum.
3 Intende voci orationis meæ,
rex meus et Deus meus.
4 Quoniam ad te orabo, Domine : mane exaudies vocem meam.
5 Mane astabo tibi, et videbo
quoniam non Deus volens iniquitatem tu es.
6 Neque habitabit juxta te malignus,
neque permanebunt injusti ante oculos tuos.
7 Odisti omnes qui operantur iniquitatem ; perdes omnes qui loquuntur mendacium.
Virum sanguinum et dolosum abominabitur
8 Ego autem in multitudine misericordiæ tuæ
introibo in domum tuam ;
adorabo ad templum sanctum tuum in
timore tuo.
9 Domine, deduc me in justitia tua : propter inimicos meos dirige in conspectu
tuo viam meam.
10 Quoniam non est in ore eorum veritas ; cor eorum vanum est.
11 Sepulchrum patens est guttur eorum ; linguis suis dolose agebant :
judica illos, Deus.
Decidant a cogitationibus suis ;
secundum multitudinem impietatum eorum
expelle eos,
quoniam irritaverunt te, Domine.
12 Et lætentur omnes qui sperant in te ;
in æternum exsultabunt, et habitabis in eis. Et gloriabuntur in te omnes qui diligunt
nomen tuum,
13 quoniam tu benedices justo. Domine, ut scuto bonæ voluntatis tuæ
coronasti nos.
Douay Rheims
1Unto the end, for her that obtaineth the inheritance. A psalm of David. Give ear, O Lord, to my words, understand my cry.
2Hearken to the voice of my prayer, O my King and my God.
3For to thee will I pray: O Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear my voice.
4In the morning I will stand before thee, and will see: because thou art not a God that willest iniquity.
5Neither shall the wicked dwell near thee: nor shall the unjust abide before thy eyes.
6Thou hatest all the workers of iniquity: Thou wilt destroy all that speak a lie. The bloody and the deceitful man the Lord will abhor.
7But as for me in the multitude of thy mercy, I will come into thy house; I will worship towards thy holy temple, in thy fear.
8Conduct me, O Lord, in thy justice: because of my enemies, direct my way in thy sight.
9for there is no truth in their mouth; their heart is vain.
10Their throat is an open sepulchre: they dealt deceitfully with their tongues: judge them, O God. Let them fall from their devices: according to the multitude of their wickedness cast them out: for they have provoked thee, O Lord.
11But let all them be glad that hope in thee: they shall rejoice for ever, and thou shalt dwell in them. And all they that love thy name shall glory in thee:
12For thou wilt bless the just. O Lord, thou hast crowned us, as with a shield of thy good will.
Brenton Septuagint
1For the end, a Psalm of David, concerning her that inherits.
Hearken to my words, O Lord, attend to my cry.
2Attend to the voice of my supplication, my King, and my God: for to thee, O Lord, will I pray.
3In the morning thou shalt hear my voice: in the morning will I wait upon thee, and will look up.
4For thou art not a god that desires iniquity; neither shall the worker of wickedness dwell with thee.
5Neither shall the transgressors continue in thy sight: thou hatest, O Lord, all them that work iniquity.
6Thou wilt destroy all that speak falsehood: the Lord abhors the bloody and deceitful man.
7But I will enter into thine house in the multitude of thy mercy: I will worship in thy fear toward thy holy temple.
8Lead me, O Lord, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make my way plain before thy face.
9For there is no truth in their mouth; their heart is vain; their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit.
10Judge them, O God; let them fail of their counsels: cast them out according to the abundance of their ungodliness; for they have provoked thee, O Lord.
11But let all that trust on thee be glad in thee: they shall exult for ever, and thou shalt dwell among them; and all that love thy name shall rejoice in thee.
12For thou, Lord, shalt bless the righteous: thou hast compassed us as with a shield of favour.

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 22, 2020, 04:48:48 PM
Reflection on Psalm 5
Hear O Lord the voice of my prayer! Hearken O God of Jacob to the voice of my supplication; for Thou art a King above all kings and a God above all gods and to Thee O God of Israel to I raise my voice.
In the Primal Dawn, Thou were there, Thy Word ordained the firmament and Thy Spirit breathed forth the angels; the celestial intelligences beheld Thy glory and marveled!
Holy! Holy! Holy is the Lord God Almighty! Who was, and Is and Is to come! Amen
In the Primal Dawn, Thou didst take pleasure in creating all things from nothing; Thee O Creator, I look, for I seek Thy face.
Thou O Lord, are a God of Righteousness and Thou desire not iniquity nor wickedness; for Thou art all good and deserving of all love and worship.
The choirs of angels adore Thee and bless Thee without end.
When the wicked dragon sought to rival Thy Majesty, Thou were righteous and just to cast all the rebelling angels down: for there can only be One God in heaven.
Thou O Lord God, desire not to even look upon workers of iniquity; for Thou O Lord art the true desire of pure spirits and the sole contemplation of heavenly angels.
Thou Lord art the Truth and Thou will destroy the prince of darkness; Thou Father of Truth shall delight in those who speak the truth in humility.
For Thou O God art a God of compassion, showing mercy unto all who repent and by Thy grace calling all to salvation.
For Thou O God desires not the death of a sinner but that all should repent of their wicked ways and acknowledge Thee, the One True God and Jesus Christ whom Thou didst send to make known Thy saving love and grace.
Lead us O Lord, in righteousness! Teach us O Lord to be justice; for our enemies are ever against us. Direct our ways that we may be truly right in Thy sight.
Let us enter Thy house and beseech the Throne of Mercy, worshiping the Undivided Trinity and the Supreme Unity with due fear and reverence.
For there is Truth in the Mouth of the Lord and there is grace poured forth in His presence.
Make plain the Way of Righteousness O Lord! Let us not fall into the wickedness and snares of the enemy!
But let us rejoice that our hope is in Thee alone O God our Saviour and our King! Counsel us in Thy judgment, reveal Thy Sacred Wisdom that we may save sinners!
Cast us not away! For according to the abundance of Thy mercy we shall trust in Thee! O Lord, anoint Thy people with godliness!
Let all that trust in Thee rejoice and be glad! Let Them rejoice forever and dwell with Thee in eternity! Let all that love Thy name experience Thy glory!
For Thou art our Hope and our Rock of Rejoicing O Lord God and in Thee do we trust!

Title: Re: The Five Books of Psalms
Post by: Benedict on October 24, 2020, 02:48:47 PM
1In finem, in carminibus. Psalmus David. Pro octava. Domine, ne in furore tuo arguas me, neque in ira tua corripias me.
2Miserere mei, Domine, quoniam infirmus sum ; sana me, Domine, quoniam conturbata sunt ossa mea.
3Et anima mea turbata est valde ; sed tu, Domine, usquequo ?
4Convertere, Domine, et eripe animam meam ; salvum me fac propter misericordiam tuam.
5Quoniam non est in morte qui memor sit tui ; in inferno autem quis confitebitur tibi ?
6Laboravi in gemitu meo ; lavabo per singulas noctes lectum meum ; lacrimis meis stratum meum rigabo.
7Turbatus est a furore oculus meus ; inveteravi inter omnes inimicos meos.
8Discedite a me omnes qui operamini iniquitatem, quoniam exaudivit Dominus vocem fletus mei.
9Exaudivit Dominus deprecationem meam ; Dominus orationem meam suscepit.
10Erubescant, et conturbentur vehementer omnes inimici mei ; convertantur, et erubescant valde velociter.
Douay Rheims
1Unto the end, in verses, a psalm for David, for the octave. O Lord, rebuke me not in thy indignation, nor chastise me in thy wrath.
2Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am weak: heal me, O Lord, for my bones are troubled.
3And my soul is troubled exceedingly: but thou, O Lord, how long?
4Turn to me, O Lord, and deliver my soul: O save me for thy mercy's sake.
5For there is no one in death, that is mindful of thee: and who shall confess to thee in hell?
6I have laboured in my groanings, every night I will wash my bed: I will water my couch with my tears.
7My eye is troubled through indignation: I have grown old amongst all my enemies.
8Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity: for the Lord hath heard the voice of my weeping.
9The Lord hath heard my supplication: the Lord hath received my prayer.
10Let all my enemies be ashamed, and be very much troubled: let them be turned back, and be ashamed very speedily.
Brenton Septuagint
1For the End, a Psalm of David among the Hymns for the eighth. O Lord, rebuke me not in thy wrath, neither chasten me in thine anger.
2Pity me, O Lord; for I am weak: heal me, O Lord; for my bones are vexed.
3My soul also is grievously vexed: but thou, O Lord, how long?
4Return, O Lord, deliver my soul: save me for thy mercy's sake.
5For in death no man remembers thee: and who will give thee thanks in Hades?
6I am wearied with my groaning; I shall wash my bed every night; I shall water my couch with tears.
7Mine eye is troubled because of my wrath; I am worn out because of all my enemies.
8Depart from me, all ye that work iniquity; for the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping.
9The Lord has hearkened to my petition; the Lord has accepted my prayer.
10Let all mine enemies be put to shame and sore troubled: let them be turned back and grievously put to shame speedily.

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Reflection on Psalm 6
O Lord I have sinned against you! Rebuke me not in Thy wrath but humble me that I may keep Thy commandments and cling to Thy Way!
My Lord, show pity on Thy servant, have mercy for I have little strength: heal me for I am wounded by sin and vexed by my afflictions.
My soul is sorrowful, yet I shall wait for Thy mercy O Lord my God!
For I shall return to you a O Lord! I shall be converted and turn back to Thee! I shall repent of my evil deeds and Thou shalt be my salvation! Thou shalt saved me for Thy mercy's sake!
For those who die the death of wickedness do not praise Thee; but I shall praise Thee O Lord! I shall praise Thee every day! For great is Thy mercy Thou hast shown me! Steadfast is Thy lovingkindness towards me!
Thou hast descended to Hades that Thy Truth might be known by those long since fallen asleep! Thou didst raise them up and take captivity captive! Thou didst despoil the domain of death and dethrone the evil one! Thou hast removed the fear of death and promised eternal life!
How great are Thy ways O Most High! How wonderful art all Thy works! For I languished in turmoil, weeping and groaning, for my distressed had given me to despair! But Thou Lord, Thou hast become my salvation!
 I shall serve the Living God! I shall enter the courts of the Lord with joy! Thou my eyes were filled with tears; Thou hast hast wiped them from my eyes! Thou art a God, Great and Compassionate, Strong and Merciful! How wonderful Thou art O Lord of Hosts!
Thou hast caused my enemies to wear out as a garment, Thou hast caused them to depart, never to return! How mighty is Thy saving arm O God! How beautiful is Thy face O Holy One! Great is Thy faithfulness to all that trust in Thee!
Depart from me all workers of iniquity! Begone satan! For I shall have no part with thy evil! I have a desire and a will to love the Lord God with all of my mind, all of my heart, all of my strength and all of my soul!
The Lord has heard the supplication of those who weep; the Almighty has shown kindness to those who were afflicted!
The Lord has heard my prayer and accepted it!
Let Thy enemy O Lord, be put to shame, and sorely trouble all those who stand against Thy Name; let all those who oppose Thee be converted and return to Thee, the One True God and Thy Christ, Jesus in whom we have a sure promise of redemption!

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Psalm 7
1Psalmus David, quem cantavit Domino pro verbis Chusi, filii Jemini. Domine Deus meus, in te speravi ; salvum me fac ex omnibus persequentibus me, et libera me,
2nequando rapiat ut leo animam meam, dum non est qui redimat, neque qui salvum faciat.
3Domine Deus meus, si feci istud, si est iniquitas in manibus meis,
4si reddidi retribuentibus mihi mala, decidam merito ab inimicis meis inanis.
5Persequatur inimicus animam meam, et comprehendat ; et conculcet in terra vitam meam, et gloriam meam in pulverem deducat.
6Exsurge, Domine, in ira tua ; et exaltare in finibus inimicorum meorum ; et exsurge, Domine Deus meus, in præcepto quod mandasti ;
7et synagoga populorum circumdabit te : et propter hanc in altum regredere.
8Dominus judicat populos. Judica me, Domine, secundum justitiam meam, et secundum innocentiam meam super me.
9Consumetur nequitia peccatorum ; et diriges justum, scrutans corda et renes, Deus.
10Justum adjutorium meum a Domino, qui salvos facit rectos corde.
11Deus judex justus, fortis, et patiens ; numquid irascitur per singulos dies ?
12Nisi conversi fueritis, gladium suum vibrabit ; arcum suum tetendit, et paravit illum.
13Et in eo paravit vasa mortis, sagittas suas ardentibus effecit.
14Ecce parturiit injustitiam ; concepit dolorem, et peperit iniquitatem.
15Lacum aperuit, et effodit eum ; et incidit in foveam quam fecit.
16Convertetur dolor ejus in caput ejus, et in verticem ipsius iniquitas ejus descendet.
17Confitebor Domino secundum justitiam ejus, et psallam nomini Domini altissimi.
Douay Rheims
1The psalm of David which he sung to the Lord for the words of Chusi the son of Jemini. [2 Kings 16.]
O Lord my God, in thee have I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me.
2Lest at any time he seize upon my soul like a lion, while there is no one to redeem me, nor to save.
3O Lord my God, if I have done this thing, if there be iniquity in my hands:
4If I have rendered to them that repaid me evils, let me deservedly fall empty before my enemies.
5Let the enemy pursue my soul, and take it, and tread down my life on the earth, and bring down my glory to the dust.
6Rise up, O Lord, in thy anger: and be thou exalted in the borders of my enemies. And arise, O Lord my God, in the precept which thou hast commanded:
7and a congregation of people shall surround thee. And for their sakes return thou on high.
8The Lord judgeth the people. Judge me, O Lord, according to my justice, and according to my innocence in me.
9The wickedness of sinners shall be brought to nought: and thou shalt direct the just: the searcher of hearts and reins is God.
10Just is my help from the Lord: who saveth the upright of heart.
11God is a just judge, strong and patient: is he angry every day?
12Except you will be converted, he will brandish his sword: he hath bent his bow and made it ready.
13And in it he hath prepared the instruments of death, he hath made ready his arrows for them that burn.
14Behold he hath been in labour with injustice; he hath conceived sorrow, and brought forth iniquity.
15He hath opened a pit and dug it; and he is fallen into the hole he made.
16His sorrow shall be turned on his own head: and his iniquity shall comedown upon his crown.
17I will give glory to the Lord according to his justice: and will sing to the name of the Lord the most high.
Brenton Septuagint
1A Psalm of David, which he sang to the Lord because of the words of Chusi the Benjamite.
O Lord my God, in thee have I trusted: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me.
2Lest at any time the enemy seize my soul as a lion, while there is none to ransom, nor to save.
3O Lord my God, if I have done this; (if there is unrighteousness in my hands;)
4if I have requited with evil those who requited me with good; may I then perish empty by means of my enemies.
5Let the enemy persecute my soul, an take it; and let him trample my life on the ground, and lay my glory in the dust. Pause.
6Arise, O Lord, in thy wrath; be exalted in the utmost boundaries of mine enemies: awake, O Lord my God, according to the decree which thou didst command.
7And the congregation of the nations shall compass thee: and for this cause do thou return on high.
8The Lord shall judge the nations: judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness, and according to my innocence that is in me.
9Oh let the wickedness of sinners come to an end; and then thou shalt direct the righteous, O God that searchest the hearts and reins.
10My help is righteous, coming from God who saves the upright in heart.
11God is a righteous judge, and strong, and patient, not inflicting vengeance every day.
12If ye will not repent, he will furbish his sword; he has bent his bow, and made it ready.
13And on it he has fitted the instruments of death; he has completed his arrows for the raging ones.
14Behold, he has travailed with unrighteousness, he has conceived trouble, and brought forth iniquity.
15He has opened a pit, and dug it up, and he shall fall into the ditch which he has made.
16His trouble shall return on his own head, and his unrighteousness shall come down on his own crown.
17I will give thanks to the Lord according to his righteousness; I will sing to the name of the Lord most high.

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I am very much enjoying these and deeply appreciate you efforts.  I have wondered several times whether you have enjoyed CS Lewis' Reflections on the Psalms.  I very much like some parts, and his writing style in general, but sometimes I just seem to get overloaded by his comments.

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I am very much enjoying these and deeply appreciate you efforts.  I have wondered several times whether you have enjoyed CS Lewis' Reflections on the Psalms.  I very much like some parts, and his writing style in general, but sometimes I just seem to get overloaded by his comments.
I have only read commentary's by Saints on the Psalms. Here is Saint Basil the Great's Homily on Psalm 1 and speaking on the value of Psalms in General
SCRIPTURE is INSPIRED by God and is useful, composed by the Spirit for this reason, namely, that we men, each and all of us, as if in a general hospital for souls, may select the remedy for his own condition. For, it says, ‘care will make the greatest sin to cease.’ Now, the prophets teach one thing, historians another, the law some- thing else, and the form of advice found in the proverbs something different still. But, the Book of Psalms has taken over what is profitable from all. It foretells coming events; it recalls history; it frames laws for life; it suggests what must be done; and, in general, it is the common treasury of good doctrine, carefully finding what is suitable for each one. The old wounds of souls it cures completely, and to the recently wounded it brings speedy improvement; the diseased it treats,  and the unharmed it preserves. On the whole, it effaces, as far as is possible, the passions, which subtly exercise dominion over souls during the lifetime of man, and it does this with a certain orderly persuasion and sweetness which produces sound thoughts. When, indeed, the Holy Spirit saw that the human race was guided only with difficulty toward virtue, and that, because of our inclination toward pleasure, we were neglectful of an upright life, what did He do? The delight of melody He mingled with the doctrines so that by the pleasantness and softness of the sound heard we might receive without perceiving it the benefit of the words, just as wise physicians who, when giving the fastidious rather bitter drugs to drink, frequently smear the cup with honey. Therefore, He devised for us these harmonious melodies of the psalms, that they who are children in age or, even those who are youthful in disposition might to all appearances chant but, in reality, become trained in soul For, never has any one of the many indifferent persons gone away easily holding in mind either an apostolic or prophetic message, but they do chant the words of the psalms, even in the home, and they spread them around in the market place, and, if perchance, someone becomes exceedingly wrathful, when he begins to be soothed by the psalm, he departs with the wrath of his soul immediately lulled to sleep by means of the melody.

(2) A psalm implies serenity of soul; it is the author of peace, which calms bewildering and seething thoughts. For, it softens the wrath of the soul, and what is unbridled it chastens. A psalm forms friendships, unites those separated, conciliates those at enmity. Who, indeed, can still consider as an enemy him With whom he has uttered the same prayer to God? So that psalmody, bringing about choral singing, a bond, as it were, toward unity, and joining the people into a harmonious union of one choir, produces also the greatest of blessings, charity. A psalm is a city of refuge from the demons; a means of inducing help from the angels, a weapon in fears by night, a rest from toils by day, a safeguard for infants, an adornment for those at the height of their vigour, a consolation for the elders, a most fitting ornament for women. It peoples the solitudes; it rids the market place of excesses; it is the elementary exposition of beginners, the improvement of those advancing, the solid support of the perfect, the voice of the Church. It brightens the feast days; it creates a sorrow which is in accordance with God. For, a psalm calls forth a tear even from a heart of stone. A psalm is the work of angels, a heavenly institution, the spiritual incense. Oh! the wise invention of the teacher who contrived that while we were singing we should at the same time learn something useful; by this means, too, the teachings are in a certain way impressed more deeply on our minds. Even a forceful lesson does not always endure, but what enters the mind with joy and pleasure somehow becomes more firmly impressed upon it. What, in fact, can you not learn from the psalms? Can you not learn the grandeur of courage? The exactness of justice? The nobility of self-control? The perfection of prudence? A manner of penance? The measure of patience? And whatever other good things you might mention? Therein is perfect theology, a prediction of the coming of Christ in the flesh, a threat of judgment, a hope of resurrection, a fear of punishment, promises of glory, an unveiling of mysteries; all things, as if in some great public treasury, are stored up in the Book of Psalms. To it, although there are many musical instruments, the prophet adapted the so-called harp, showing, as it seems to me, that the gift from the Spirit resounded in his ears from above. With the cithara and the lyre the bronze from beneath responds with sound to the plucking, but the harp has the source of its harmonic rhythms from above, in order that we may be careful to seek the things above and not be borne down by the sweetness of the melody to the passions of the flesh. And I believe this, namely, that the words of prophecy are made clear to us in a profound and wise manner through the structure of the instrument, because those who are orderly and harmonious in soul possess an easy path to the things above. Let us now see the beginning of the psalms.

(3) ‘Blessed is the man who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly.’ When architects raise up immensely high structures, they put under them foundations proportionate to the height; and when shipbuilders are constructing a merchantman that carries 10,000 measures, they fix the ship’s keel to correspond with the weight of the wares it is capable of carrying. Even in the generation of living animals, since the heart is the first organ formed by nature, it receives a structure from nature proportionate to the animal destined to be brought into existence. Therefore, since the body is built around in proportion to its own beginnings, the differences in the sizes of animals are produced. Like the foundation in a house, the keel in a ship, and the heart in the body of an animal, this brief introduction seems to me to possess that same force in regard to the whole structure of the psalms. When David intended to propose in the course of his speech to the combatants of true religion many painful tasks involving unmeasured sweats and toils, he showed first the happy end, that in the hope of the blessings reserved for us we might endure without grief the sufferings of this life. In the same way, too, the expectation of suitable lodging for them lightens the toil for travellers on a rough and difficult road, and the desire for wares makes mediants dare the sea, while the promise of the crop steals away the drudgery from the labours of the farmers. Therefore, the common Director of our lives, the great Teacher, the Spirit of truth, wisely and cleverly set forth the rewards, in order that, rising above the present labours, we might press on in spirit to the enjoyment of eternal blessings. ‘Blessed is the man who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly.’ What is truly good, therefore, is principally and primarily the most blessed. And that is God. Whence Paul also, when about to make mention of Christ, said: ‘Ac- cording to the manifestation of our blessed God and Saviour Jesus Christ/ For, truly blessed is Goodness itself toward which all things look, which all things desire, an unchangeable nature, lordly dignity, calm existence; a happy way of life, in which there is no alteration, which no change touches; a flowing fount, abundant grace, inexhaustible treasure. But, stupid and worldly men, ignorant of the nature of good itself, frequently bless things worth nothing, riches, health, renown; not one of which is in its nature good, not only because they easily change to the opposite, but also because they are unable to make their possessors good. What man is just because of his possessions? What man is self-controlled because of his health? On the contrary, in fact, each of these possessions frequently becomes the servant of sin for those who use them badly. Blessed is he, then, who possesses that which is esteemed of the greatest value, who shares in the goods that cannot be taken away. How shall we recognise him? *He who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly/

But, before I explain what it is ‘not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly/ I wish to settle the question asked at this point. Why, you say, does the prophet single out only man and proclaim him happy? Does he not exclude women from happiness? By no means. For, the virtue of man and woman is the same, since creation is equally honoured in both; therefore, there is the same reward for both. Listen to Genesis. ‘God created man/ it says, ‘in the image of God he created him. Male and female he created them/ They whose nature is alike have the same reward. Why, then, when Scripture had made mention of man, did it leave woman unnoticed? Because it believed that it was sufficient, since their nature is alike, to indicate the whole through the more authoritative part.

‘Blessed, therefore, is the man who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly/ Notice the exactness of the wording, how each single word of the statement is fulfilled. It did not say, ‘who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly/ but ‘who hath not walked/ He who happens to be in this life, is not yet blessed, because of the uncertainty of his departure. But, he who has fulfilled what has fallen to his share and has closed his life with an end that cannot be gainsaid, that one is already safely proclaimed blessed. Why, then, are they who are walking in the law of the Lord blessed? Here Scripture regards as blessed not those who have walked, but those who are still walking, because they who are doing good receive approval in the work itself; and they who are fleeing evil are to be praised, not if, perhaps, they shun the sin once or twice, but if they are able to escape the experience of evil entirely. From the train of my reasoning another difficulty has presented itself to us. Why does Scripture proclaim as blessed, not him who is successfully performing a good act, but him who did not commit sin? Because in that case the horse and ox and stone will be considered blessed. For, what inanimate object has ‘stood in the way of sinners’? Or what irrational creature has ‘sat in the chair of pestilence’? Now, if you will wait a little, you will find the solution. It continues: ‘But his will is in the law of the Lord.’ However, the practice of the divine law falls only upon him who possesses intelligence. And we say this, that the starting point in acquiring the good is the withdrawal from evil. ‘Decline from evil/ it says, ‘and do good/

(4) Therefore, leading us on wisely and skilfully to virtue, David made the departure from evil the beginning of good. If he had put forth for you immediately the final perfections, you would have hesitated at the undertaking, but, as it is, he accustoms you to things more easily gained in order that you may have courage for those which follow. I would say that the exercise of piety resembles a ladder, that ladder which once the blessed Jacob saw, of which one part was near the earth and reaching to the ground, the other extended above, even to the very heavens. Therefore, those who are being introduced to a life of virtue must place their foot upon the first steps and from there always mount upon the next, until by gradual progress they have ascended to the height attainable by human nature. As withdrawal from the earth is the first step on the ladder, so in a manner of life in harmony with God the departure from evil is the first. Actually, idleness is in every way easier than any action whatsoever, as for instance, ‘Thou shalt not kill; thou shalt not commit adultery; thou shalt not steal/ Each of these demands idleness and inactivity. ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself/ and ‘Sell what thou hast, and give to the poor,’ and ‘If anyone forces thee to go for one mile, go with him two/ are activities worthy of athletes, and requiring for success a soul already vigorous. Therefore, admire the wisdom of him who leads us on to perfection through things that are rather easy and more readily gained.

He put before us three acts which must be guarded against: walking in the counsel of the ungodly, standing in the way of sinners, sitting on the chair of pestilences. In accordance with the nature of things, he set up this order by his words. First, we take counsel with ourselves; next, we strengthen our resolution; then, we continue unchanged in what has been deter- mined. Primarily, therefore, the purity of our mind is to be deemed blessed, since the resolution in the heart is the root of the actions of the body. Thus, adultery, first enkindled in the soul of the lover of pleasure, causes destruction through the body. Whence, also, the Lord says that the things that defile a man are from within. And, since impiety is properly called the sin against God, may it never happen that we admit doubts concerning God through want of faith. It is ‘walking in the counsel of the ungodly/ if you should say in your heart, Is it really God who governs all things? Is God actually in the heavens, managing each individual thing? Is there a judgment? Is there a reward for each according to his work? Why, then, are the just poor, and sinners rich? Why are these sick, and those in good health? These dishonoured, and those held in esteem? Is not the world borne along without visible cause, and do not some unaccountable circumstances allot the lives for each without any order?’ If you have had these thoughts, you have walked in the counsel of the ungodly. Blessed, therefore, is he who has not admitted any doubt concerning God, who did not become weak in soul concerning the present, but awaits that which is promised, who did not hold any disloyal suspicion about Him who created us.

‘And blessed is that man who has not stood in the way of sinners/ Life, then, is called a way because each being that enters into life hastens toward its end. Just as those who are sleeping in ships are carried by the wind through its own force to the harbours, even though they themselves do not perceive it but the course hurries them on to the end, so we also, as the time of our life flows on, are hurried along as if by some continuous and restless motion on the unheeded course of life, each one toward his proper end. For example, you sleep, and time runs past you; you are awake, and you are busily engaged in mind. All the same, life is spent, even though it has escaped our notice. We run a certain course, each and every man urged on to his proper end; for this reason we are all on the way. And thus you should understand the meaning of ‘the way/ You are placed as a traveler in this life; you pass by all things, and everything is left behind you. You saw a plant or grass or water on the way, or any other worthwhile sight. You enjoyed it a little, then you passed on. Again, you came upon stones, gullies, peaks, cliffs, and palisades, or perhaps, even wild beasts, reptiles, thorns, and other troublesome objects; you were a little distressed, then you left them behind. Such is life, which holds neither lasting pleasures nor permanent afflictions. The way is not yours, neither are the present affairs yours. Among travellers, as soon as the first moves his foot, immediately the one after him takes a step, and after that one, he who follows him.

(5) Consider also the circumstances of life, whether they are not very much the same. Today you have cultivated the earth, tomorrow another will do so, and after him another. Do you see these fields and these costly houses? How many times has each of them already changed its name since it came into existence? They were said to be this man’s; then, the name was changed for another; then they passed on to that man; and now, finally, they are said to belong to still another. Is not our life a way, receiving one man after another successively and keeping all following one another? ‘Blessed, therefore, is he who has not stood in the way of sinners/ Now, what does the expression ‘has not stood mean? While we men were in our first age, we were neither in sin nor in virtue (for the age was unsusceptible of either condition); but, when reason was perfected in us, then that happened which was written: ‘But when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died/ Wicked thoughts, which originate in our minds from the passions of the flesh, rise up. In truth, if, when the command came, that is, the power of discernment of the good, the mind did not prevail over the baser thoughts but permitted its reason to be enslaved by the passions, sin revived, but the mind died, suffering death because of its transgressions. Blessed, therefore, is he who did not continue in the way of sinners but passed quickly by better reasoning to a pious way of life. For, there are two ways opposed to each other, the one wide and broad, the other narrow and close. And there are two guides, each attempting to turn the traveler to himself. Now, the smooth and downward sloping way has a deceptive guide, a wicked demon, who drags his followers through pleasure to destruction, but the rough and steep way has a good angel, who leads his followers through the toils of virtue to a blessed end.

As long as each of us is a child, pursuing the pleasure of the moment, he has no care for the future; but, when he has become a man, after his judgment is perfected, he seems, as it were, to see his life divided for him between virtue and evil, and frequently turning the eye of his soul upon each, he separates the analogous traits that belong to each. The life of the sinner shows all the pleasures of the present age; that of the just reveals in a slight measure the blessings of the future alone. And, insofar as the future promises beautiful rewards, to that extent does the way of those saved offer the present toilsome works; on the contrary, the pleasant and undisciplined life does not hold out the expectation of later delights, but those already present. So, every soul becomes dizzy and changes from one side to the other in its reasonings, choosing virtue when things eternal are in its thoughts, but, when it looks to the present, preferring pleasure. Here it beholds the comforts of the flesh, there the enslavement of the flesh; here drunkenness, there fasting; here intemperate laughter, there abundant tears; in this life dancing, in that prayer; here flutes, there groans; here incontinence, there virginity. While, therefore, that which is truly good can be apprehended by the reason through faith (it has been banished far and the eye did not see it nor the ear hear it) , yet, the sweetness of sin has pleasure ready and flowing through every sense. Blessed is he who is not turned aside to his destruction through its incitements to pleasure, but eagerly awaits the hope of salvation through patient endurance, and in his choice of one of the two ways, does not go upon the way leading to the lower things.

(6) ‘Nor sat in the chair of pestilence/ Does he mean these chairs upon which we rest our bodies? What is the association of wood with sin, so that I flee the chair occupied before by the sinner as being harmful? Or, should we not think that a steady and lasting persistence in the choice of evil is called a chair? This we must guard against because the practice of assiduously occupying ourselves with sins engenders in our souls a certain condition that can scarcely be removed. An inveterate condition of the soul and the exercise of evil strengthened by time, are hard to heal, or even are entirely incurable, since, for the most part, custom is changed into nature. Indeed, not to attach ourselves to evil is a request worth praying for. But there remains a second way: immediately after the temptation to flee it as if it were a venomous sting, according to words of Solomon concerning the wicked woman: Do not set your eye upon her, but leap back; do not delay.’  Now, I know that some in their youth have sunk down into the passions of the flesh and have remained in their sins until their old age because of the habit of evil. As the swine rolling about in the mire always smear more mud on themselves, so these bring upon themselves more and more each day the shame of pleasure. Blessed is it, therefore, not to have had evil in your mind; but, if through the deceit of the enemy, you have received in your soul the counsels of impiety, do not stay in your sin. And, if you have experienced this, do not become established in evil So then, ‘do not sit in the chair of pestilence.’

If you have understood what Scripture calls a chair, that it means lasting persistence in evil, examine now of what pestilences it speaks. Those who are skilled in these matters say that the pestilence, when it touches one man or animal, is communicated to all those who are near at hand; for, the nature of the disease is such that all are infected with the sickness by one another. Of some such kind are the workers of iniquity. Since one gives the disease to one and another gives it to another, they are all sick together and perish at the same time. Or, do you not see the licentious persons sitting in the market place, who laugh at the chaste, relate their shameful acts, the works of darkness, and recount their disgraceful passions as deeds of prowess or some other manly virtues? These are the pestilences who are striving to bring their own evil upon all, and who vie emulously that many be made to resemble them, in order that by fellowship through evils they may escape censure. In fact, neither can a fire, which has seized upon material that is easily enkindled, be prevented from passing through all of it, especially if it meets with a favourable breeze that carries the flame, nor can the sin which has fastened upon one be prevented from going through all, if the winds of wickedness have kindled it. For, the spirit of impurity does not allow the disgrace to remain in the one, but, immediately, comrades of the same age are called in; carousels, strong drink, and shameful tales; a harlot drinking with them, smiling upon this one, goading that one on, and inflaming all to the same sin.

Is this pestilence, indeed, a small thing, or is the spreading of evil something small? But, surely, did not the emulator of the avaricious man or of one possessed of civil authority who is conspicuous for some other wickedness, or of him who holds the power among his people, or commands armies, and who then is contaminated with shameful passions, did not he, I say, admit the pestilence into his soul, making his own the evil of the person emulated? For, the distinctions acquired in life make the lives of those who are distinguished conspicuous; and soldiers strive, for the most part, to be like military commanders, and the common people in the cities emulate those in power. And in general, whenever the evil of the one has been considered deserving of imitation by the many, properly and fitly the pestilence of souls will be said to prevail in life. Even renown won in the midst of evil draws many of the unsteady to the same ambition. Since, therefore, one is filled with corruption by this man, and another by that one, let such be said to have the pestilence in their souls. Do not, therefore, sit in the chair of pestilence, nor participate in the council of seducers and corrupters, nor persist in counsels badly given.

My speech, however, is still in its introduction, yet, I see that its extent exceeds due proportions, so that it is not easy either for you to retain more, nor for me to continue my lecture because of the natural weakness of my voice which is fail- ing me. Although my words are incomplete, since flight from evil has been taught, but perfection through good works omitted, nevertheless, in commending the present matters to attentive hearers, we promise, if God permits, to complete the omissions, if only we do not experience complete silence henceforth. May the Lord grant us the reward for our words, and you the fruit of what you have heard, by the grace of Christ Himself, because to Him is glory and power forever. Amen Amen.

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Reflection on Psalm 7
O Lord my God, in whom I place all my trust, save me from all that oppress me on every side! Free me from the snares and wickedness of the devil!
For the enemy prowls about as a hungry lion, seeing those who weak that he may pray upon them as the wounded antelope.
Lord, by my sins, I am weak and wounded! Do Thou Lord, be my Saviour! Do Thou my God, be my Salvation!
For I cry to Thee, O Blessed Trinity! Lord Jesus, take away from me all that is evil! Heavenly Father, help me to be Thy son in truth! Holy Spirit, protect me from the spirit of this world!
Lord Jesus, be Thou my redemption and my Redeemer! Heavenly Father, be Thou my hope and my saving joy! Holy Spirit, be Thou my sanctification and my justification!
Lord, I have sinned, I have sinned innumerable times! I have fallen into the pit. I cannot escape, for by my own foolishness and sin I become a victim of the enemy!
Lord I cry to Thee, save me from the pit as you once did all those who brought up out of Hades!
Lower to me the Ladder of Thy Sacred Cross! That I might humbly climb to salvation and rejoice in Thy great Redemption!
For Thou O Lord art a loving God, merciful and true! Righteous and Holy are all Thy works and all things rightly give you praise!
Defend me from the enemy who pursues my life, for I am weak and of little merit!
Defend me Christ Champion! Defend me Jesus my Hero! Defend me Immanuel my Dread Lord! For all the angels fear Thee and give Thee honor!
For I have no glory but am but dust and ashes, bone and flesh have I but glory have I not. Any glory that Thou hast given me I have squandered in my sins!
But as Thou didst promise to the Thief upon the Cross the grace of Eternal Paradise, promise me my Lord and my God that Thou wilt remember me when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom!
For I have no hope but in Thee O God! I have no joy but in Thee O Lord! I have no rest but in Thy presence O Lord and the goodness of Thy face do I seek!
I seek Thy face at every morning and I seek Thy face at every eve! Tis not but a moment where I do not seek Thee, Thou I am often distracted by vanity!
Yet even in vanity, Thou hast called to me "Repent and live!" "Repent and believe the Gospel!"  "The Kingdom of Heaven is near!"
Where Lord may I find this Kingdom for whom my soul longs for and whose Law I delight in?
"The Kingdom of Heaven is in you"
O Mystery of God! How can Thy perfect Kingdom reside in me, a sinner? But I dare not question the Divine Word!
For the Word spoken from the mouth of God is sufficient and true!
Raise up O Lord, Thy people and be not angry with us, show mercy on us and those who have wronged us and show mercy to us who have wronged others!
For we know not what we do!
Be exalted O Lord! Be exalted and show Thy great mercy by pardoning sinners!
Be exalted O Lord! Save us for the times are evil and we have no hope but in Thou!
Inscribe in our hearts Thy precepts O Lord! With Thy All Holy Spirit teach us the Truth! For we long to live in Thy presence O Lord and we long to belong to You!
For Thy goodness is everlasting! For Thy beauty is all divine! For Thy Name is the joy of repentant sinners! For Thy mercy is holy and divine!
Speak softly O Lord, Thy Commandments! Do not terrify us with Thy trumpets! But gently whisper in the hollow of our hearts and we shall follow You!
For Thou art a God above all so called gods! Thou art a King above all kings! Thou art the Only and True God! And we celebrate and praise You!
For Thy goodness we long for by daylight! For Thy glory we keep watch at night! All Thy angels, sing joyfully, for they all look gladly upon You!
Raise up O Lord Thy congregation! Raise up Thy Church, fair and true! Raise up O Lord, Thy people, that they may all ascend by grace to You!
For all nations and peoples shall you bring into Thy glorious Kingdom! All tongues and tribes shall praise You!
All shall be judged my the Lord according to His justice and righteousness and truth!
For our God is gracious and righteous! Our God is merciful and kind! Our God desires not the death of any sinner but they should repent and not die!
Our God is an everlasting God! Our God shall bring the wicked to judgment but the righteous you shall direct in their hearts that they might be lead by You!
For the hearts and the veins are searched by God, for He knows all that we are!
Though, dust and ashes we shall depart, in glory and spirit we shall appear before You!
For our help is the Lord of heaven and our God is the God of gods!
Our Lord will purify the hearts of men and save those who are just and true!
For God is the Judge, Almighty and Everlasting, perfect in patience and love!
His love revealed by the Holy Cross! His power unveiled by the Resurrection of Truth!
For God shall wipe away the sins of all who repent! There is hope with the Almighty God!
The Lord shall wage war against all our sins but it is up to us to fight for Him!
With the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, make war against the untrue!
With prayers like arrows fills your enemies with blessings and show that the Almighty God's love is true!
For our weapons are not weapons for slaying flesh and blood but mighty to pull down strongholds!
Our enemies are not those who walk upon earth but defile the heavens with their proud boasts!
Hate only the devil, the demons and all untruth! Hate every unclean and unjust way! Hate evil, love good and practice the faith which you know to be good and true!
Love man, love God, love the brethren! Love your enemies, bless and pray for them! For there is nothing more pleasing to God, than that a sinner should turn and repent!
For by the instrument of death, the Cross has become the sign of eternal life! For by the great pit of Hades, even the dead had the Gospel proclaimed to them!
For the sorrows intended for Christ were turned on the head of satan! By the precious blood of the only Son all mankind has escaped the snare!
By Christ's blood and His flesh we have life in us and the promise of the unfading crown of life!
For all these and many more I will give thanks to the Lord according to His righteousness for by His Holy Cross, He has redeemed the world.
I will sing to the name of the Lord Most High for by His death, He has conquered death and by His life we have eternal life!
Let nothing convince you otherwise, for nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

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1 in finem pro torcularibus psalmus David
2 Domine Dominus noster quam admirabile est nomen tuum in universa terra quoniam elevata est magnificentia tua super caelos
3 ex ore infantium et lactantium perfecisti laudem propter inimicos tuos ut destruas inimicum et ultorem
4 quoniam videbo caelos tuos; opera digitorum tuorum lunam et stellas quae tu fundasti
5 quid est homo quod memor es eius aut filius hominis quoniam visitas eum
6 minuisti eum paulo minus ab angelis gloria et honore coronasti eum
7 et constituisti eum super opera manuum tuarum
8 omnia subiecisti sub pedibus eius oves et boves universas insuper et pecora campi
9 volucres caeli et pisces maris qui perambulant semitas maris
10 Domine Dominus noster quam admirabile est nomen tuum in universa terra
Douay Rheims
1Unto the end, for the presses: a psalm of David. O Lord our Lord, how admirable is thy name in the whole earth! For thy magnificence is elevated above the heavens.
2Out of the mouth of infants and of sucklings thou hast perfected praise, because of thy enemies, that thou mayst destroy the enemy and the avenger.
3For I will behold thy heavens, the works of thy fingers: the moon and the stars which thou hast founded.
4What is man that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man that thou visitest him?
5Thou hast made him a little less than the angels, thou hast crowned him with glory and honour:
6and hast set him over the works of thy hands.
7Thou hast subjected all things under his feet, all sheep and oxen: moreover the beasts also of the fields.
8The birds of the air, and the fishes of the sea, that pass through the paths of the sea.
9O Lord our Lord, how admirable is thy name in all the earth!
Brenton Septuagint
1For the end, concerning the wine-presses, a Psalm of David. O Lord, our Lord, how wonderful is thy name in all the earth! for thy magnificence is exalted above the heavens.
2Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou perfected praise, because of thine enemies; that thou mightest put down the enemy and avenger.
3For I will regard the heavens, the work of thy fingers; the moon and stars, which thou hast established.
4What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man, that thou visitest him?
5Thou madest him a little less than angels, thou hast crowned him with glory and honour;
6and thou hast set him over the works of thy hands: thou hast put all things under his feet:
7sheep and all oxen, yea and the cattle of the field;
8the birds of the sky, and the fish of the sea, the creatures passing through the paths of the sea.
9O Lord our Lord, how wonderful is thy name in all the earth!

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Reflection on Psalm 8
How serene Thy countenance is O Lord! How pleasant Thy vintage which Thy hands have labored and pressed! For Thy Word is as wine, bringing gladness to the face of men!
Truly o Lord, our Lord, Thy name is wonderful in all the earth! Thy magnificence is elevated above heaven and earth and all things rightly give Thee praise!
For Thou alone know our beginning! Thou have sublime knowledge of the mystery of our formation in the womb! For it was Thou who gave us life by Thy All Holy Spirit and fashioned us and knit us together within our mother!
Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise!
Hosanna to the Son of David! Hosanna in the Highest! Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! We shall always bless Him in the house of the Lord! Hosanna to the Son of David!
Send Salvation, O Lord of Hosts, since Thou art an awesome and mighty God, Great and Holy, Perfect and Sublime, Good and True, and it is right and just that all things give Thee praise!
For who is like God?! Shouts the Archangel Michael, fair and true! Who is Almighty like the Lord?! The Lord alone is God, the Lord is God and He is One! There is no other! He is the first and the last! The beginning and the end!
He shall not give His glory to another! For the Lord alone is worthy of all glory! The Lord alone is worthy of all praise! The Lord alone is greater than all things! Therefore, all who oppose Him shall be slain by the breath of His mouth!
Fire shall devour those who oppose the Lord of Hosts! He shall come with judgement against the ungodly, the wicked, the lawless and the evildoer! They shall be consumed and the smoke of their torment shall rise up forever!
They who have overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of His testimony shall rejoice! Let us never fear the enemy! For God alone is to be feared! Do not fear the one who can kill the body!
Fear the one who can throw the body and soul into everlasting fire!
Let us not be as those who would not follow the Lord into eternal glory but let us love one another as He has loved us, forgiving each other our trespasses as He has forgiven us!
Let us pray for all people that they one day behold the glory of heaven!
Let us pray that all may recognize the work of His hands and serve the One True Living God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth!
For the moon and the stars do not give Him praise, but His angels and His saints do!
For the Lord has established the heavens to give Him glory! The Lord has fashioned the earth for the advantage of His elect and He fills it with His glory that all might recognize the Maker and Shaper of all things!
O that we would realize the goodness of the Lord! Then we would be as the angels who adore the Holy Lord eternally!
For it was the goodness of God and His divine plan of love that He should send His Word and Son into the world and make Him a little lower than the angels that we might not be afraid to approach Him who the angels adored in Bethlehem!
For though He was crowned with thorns by men, He has received the crown of glory and honor from God His Father!
God our Father has set His Son over all the works of His hands, that all things should be subjected under His feet.
For God has made all things, the sheep innocent and clean, the oxen strong and obedient, the cattle gentle and kind, the birds lofty and free, the fish both large and small, the whales majestic and mysterious, and all the creatures of the earth, from bee to elephant!
O Lord our Lord, how wonderful is Thy name in all the earth!
For Thou have brought us glad tidings, a Gospel of Great Joy to all the people!
Thy name is indeed admirable and I give Thee thanks all my days.

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Psalm 9 which is Psalm 9&10 for the Septuagint
In finem, pro occultis filii. Psalmus David.
2 Confitebor tibi, Domine, in toto corde meo; narrabo omnia mirabilia tua.
3 Laetabor et exsultabo in te; psallam nomini tuo, Altissime.
4 In convertendo inimicum meum retrorsum; infirmabuntur, et peribunt a facie tua.
5 Quoniam fecisti judicium meum et causam meam; sedisti super thronum, qui judicas justitiam.
6 Increpasti gentes, et periit impius: nomen eorum delesti in aeternum, et in saeculum saeculi.
7 Inimici defecerunt frameae in finem, et civitates eorum destruxisti. Periit memoria eorum cum sonitu;
8 et Dominus in aeternum permanet. Paravit in judicio thronum suum,
9 et ipse judicabit orbem terrae in aequitate: judicabit populos in justitia.
10 Et factus est Dominus refugium pauperi; adjutor in opportunitatibus, in tribulatione.
11 Et sperent in te qui noverunt nomen tuum, quoniam non dereliquisti quaerentes te, Domine.
12 Psallite Domino qui habitat in Sion; annuntiate inter gentes studia ejus:
13 quoniam requirens sanguinem eorum recordatus est; non est oblitus clamorem pauperum.
14 Miserere mei, Domine: vide humilitatem meam de inimicis meis,
15 qui exaltas me de portis mortis, ut annuntiem omnes laudationes tuas in portis filiae Sion:
16 exultabo in salutari tuo. Infixae sunt gentes in interitu quem fecerunt; in laqueo isto quem absconderunt comprehensus est pes eorum.
17 Cognoscetur Dominus judicia faciens; in operibus manuum suarum comprehensus est peccator.
18 Convertantur peccatores in infernum, omnes gentes quae obliviscuntur Deum.
19 Quoniam non in finem oblivio erit pauperis; patientia pauperum non peribit in finem.
20 Exsurge, Domine; non confortetur homo: judicentur gentes in conspectu tuo.
21 Constitue, Domine, legislatorem super eos, ut sciant gentes quoniam homines sunt.
22 Ut quid, Domine, recessisti longe; despicis in opportunitatibus, in tribulatione?
23 Dum superbit impius, incenditur pauper: comprehenduntur in consiliis quibus cogitant.
24 Quoniam laudatur peccator in desideriis animae suae, et iniquus benedicitur.
25 Exacerbavit Dominum peccator: secundum multitudinem irae suae, non quaeret.
26 Non est Deus in conspectu ejus; inquinatae sunt viae illius in omni tempore. Auferuntur judicia tua a facie ejus; omnium inimicorum suorum dominabitur.
27 Dixit enim in corde suo: Non movebor a generatione in generationem, sine malo.
28 Cujus maledictione os plenum est, et amaritudine, et dolo; sub lingua ejus labor et dolor.
29 Sedet in insidiis cum divitibus in occultis, ut interficiat innocentem.
30 Oculi ejus in pauperem respiciunt; insidiatur in abscondito, quasi leo in spelunca sua. Insidiatur ut rapiat pauperem; rapere pauperem dum attrahit eum.
31 In laqueo suo humiliabit eum; inclinabit se, et cadet cum dominatus fuerit pauperum.
32 Dixit enim in corde suo: Oblitus est Deus; avertit faciem suam, ne videat in finem.
33 Exsurge, Domine Deus, exaltetur manus tua; ne obliviscaris pauperum.
34 Propter quid irritavit impius Deum? dixit enim in corde suo: Non requiret.
35 Vides, quoniam tu laborem et dolorem consideras, ut tradas eos in manus tuas. Tibi derelictus est pauper; orphano tu eris adjutor.
36 Contere brachium peccatoris et maligni; quaeretur peccatum illius, et non invenietur.
37 Dominus regnabit in aeternum, et in saeculum saeculi; peribitis, gentes, de terra illius.
38 Desiderium pauperum exaudivit Dominus; praeparationem cordis eorum audivit auris tua:
39 judicare pupillo et humili, ut non apponat ultra magnificare se homo super terram.
Douay Rheims
Unto the end, for the hidden things of the Son. A psalm for David.
2 I will give praise to thee, O Lord, with my whole heart: I will relate all thy wonders.
3 I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing to thy name, O thou most high.
4 When my enemy shall be turned back: they shall be weakened and perish before thy face.
5 For thou hast maintained my judgment and my cause: thou hast sat on the throne, who judgest justice.
6 Thou hast rebuked the Gentiles, and the wicked one hath perished: thou hast blotted out their name for ever and ever.
7 The swords of the enemy have failed unto the end: and their cities thou hast destroyed. Their memory hath perished with a noise.
8 But the Lord remaineth for ever. He hath prepared his throne in judgment:
9 And he shall judge the world in equity, he shall judge the people in justice.
10 And the Lord is become a refuge for the poor: a helper in due time in tribulation.
11 And let them trust in thee who know thy name: for thou hast not forsaken them that seek thee, O Lord.
12 Sing ye to the Lord, who dwelleth in Sion: declare his ways among the Gentiles:
13 For requiring their blood he hath remembered the: he hath not forgotten the cry of the poor.
14 Have mercy on me, O Lord: see my humiliation which I suffer from my enemies.
15 Thou that liftest me up from the gates of death, that I may declare all thy praises in the gates of the daughter of Sion.
16 I will rejoice in thy salvation: the Gentiles have stuck fast in the destruction which they have prepared. Their foot hath been taken in the very snare which they hid.
17 The Lord shall be known when he executeth judgments: the sinner hath been caught in the works of his own hands.
18 The wicked shall be turned into hell, all the nations that forget God.
19 For the poor man shall not be forgotten to the end: the patience of the poor shall not perish for ever.
20 Arise, O Lord, let not man be strengthened: let the Gentiles be judged in thy sight.
21 Appoint, O Lord, a lawgiver over them: that the Gentiles may know themselves to be but men.
22 Why, O Lord, hast thou retired afar off? why dost thou slight us in our wants, in the time of trouble?
23 Whilst the wicked man is proud, the poor is set on fire: they are caught in the counsels which they devise.
24 For the sinner is praised in the desires of his soul: and the unjust man is blessed.
25 The sinner hath provoked the Lord according to the multitude of his wrath he will not seek him:
26 God is not before his eyes: his ways are filthy at all times. Thy judgments are removed from his sight: he shall rule over all his enemies.
27 For he hath said in his heart: I shall not be moved from generation to generation, and shall be without evil.
28 His mouth is full of cursing, and of bitterness, and of deceit: under his tongue are labour and sorrow.
29 He sitteth in ambush with the rich in private places, that he may kill the innocent.
30 His eyes are upon the poor man: He lieth in wait in secret like a lion in his den. He lieth in ambush that he may catch the poor man: to catch the poor, whilst he draweth him to him.
31 In his net he will bring him down, he will crouch and fall, when he shall have power over the poor.
32 For he hath said in his heart: God hath forgotten, he hath turned away his face not to see to the end.
33 Arise, O Lord God, let thy hand be exalted: forget not the poor.
34 Wherefore hath the wicked provoked God? for he hath said in his heart: He will not require it.
35 Thou seest it, for thou considerest labour and sorrow: that thou mayst deliver them into thy hands. To thee is the poor man left: thou wilt be a helper to the orphan.
36 Break thou the arm of the sinner and of the malignant: his sin shall be sought, and shall not be found.
37 The Lord shall reign to eternity, yea, for ever and ever: ye Gentiles shall perish from his land.
38 The Lord hath heard the desire of the poor: thy ear hath heard the preparation of their heart.
39 To judge for the fatherless and for the humble, that man may no more presume to magnify himself upon earth.
Brenton Septuagint
1For the end, a Psalm of David, concerning the secrets of the Son. I will give thanks to thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will recount all thy wonderful works.
2I will be glad and exult in thee: I will sing to thy name, O thou Most High.
3When mine enemies are turned back, they shall be feeble and perish at thy presence.
4For thou hast maintained my cause and my right; thou satest on the throne, that judgest righteousness.
5Thou hast rebuked the nations, and the ungodly one has perished; thou hast blotted out their name for ever, even for ever and ever.
6The swords of the enemy have failed utterly; and thou hast destroyed cities: their memorial has been destroyed with a noise,
7but the Lord endures for ever: he has prepared his throne for judgment.
8And he will judge the world in righteousness, he will judge the nations in uprightness.
9The Lord also is become a refuge for the poor, a seasonable help, in affliction.
10And let them that know thy name hope in thee: for thou, O Lord, hast not failed them that diligently seek thee.
11Sing praises to the Lord, who dwells in Sion: declare his dealings among the nations.
12For he remembered them, in making inquisition for blood: he has not forgotten the supplication of the poor.
13Have mercy upon me, O Lord; look upon my affliction which I suffer of mine enemies, thou that liftest me up from the gates of death:
14that I may declare all thy praises in the gates of the daughter of Sion: I will exult in thy salvation.
15The heathen are caught in the destruction which they planned: in the very snare which they hid is their foot taken.
16The Lord is known as executing judgments: the sinner is taken in the works of his hands. A song of Pause.
17Let sinners be driven away into Hades, even all the nations that forget God.
18For the poor shall not be forgotten for ever: the patience of the needy ones shall not perish for ever.
19Arise, O Lord, let not man prevail: let the heathen be judged before thee.
20Appoint, O Lord, a lawgiver over them: let the heathen know that they are men. Pause.
Psalm 10
1Why standest thou afar off, O Lord? why dost thou overlook us in times of need, in affliction?
2While the ungodly one acts proudly, the poor is hotly pursued: the wicked are taken in the crafty counsels which they imagine.
3Because the sinner praises himself for the desires of his heart; and the unjust one blesses himself.
4The sinner has provoked the Lord: according to the abundance of his pride he will not seek after him: God is not before him.
5His ways are profane at all times; thy judgments are removed from before him: he will gain the mastery over all his enemies.
6For he has said in his heart, I shall not be moved, continuing without evil from generation to generation.
7Whose mouth is full of cursing, and bitterness, and fraud: under his tongue are trouble and pain.
8He lies in wait with rich men in secret places, in order to slay the innocent: his eyes are set against the poor.
9He lies in wait in secret as a lion in his den: he lies in wait to ravish the poor, to ravish the poor when he draws him after him: he will bring him down in his snare.
10He will bow down and fall when he has mastered the poor.
11For he has said in his heart, God has forgotten: he has turned away his face so as never to look.
12Arise, O Lord God; let thy hand be lifted up: forget not the poor.
13Wherefore, has the wicked provoked God? for he has said in his heart, He will not require it.
14Thou seest it; for thou dost observe trouble and wrath, to deliver them into thy hands: the poor has been left to thee; thou wast a helper to the orphan.
15Break thou the arm of the sinner and wicked man: his sin shall be sought for, and shall not be found.
16The Lord shall reign for ever, even for ever and ever: ye Gentiles shall perish out his land.
17The Lord has heard the desire of the poor: thine ear has inclined to the preparation of their heart;
18to plead for the orphan and afflicted, that man may no more boast upon the earth.

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Reflection on Psalm 9 part 1
The Goal of the Gospel of the Beloved is the salvation of souls.
I will give thanks to the Lord, with my whole heart,  
I will recall His wonderful deeds
Great and many are the deeds of the Lord
Creation began when God spoke the Word and sent His Spirit to hallow the waters of creation.
Great is the Lord who hallowed the waters of creation by His All Holy Life Giving Spirit!
For before the Spirit came, the Universe was void of holiness and empty in substance.
The Spirit of the Perfection of God brooded over the waters, gently and sublime in Wisdom.
Heaven and the Host of Heaven were made by the Spirit of the Lord.
By the breath of His Mouth the Hosts were formed.
When the names of the hosts were called by the Ineffable One, they came into being.
Beings made of supermundane light, sparks from the Super-Essential Fire, the angels were created by the True Light.
The Prime Intelligence created the celestial intelligences, the Supreme Mind created the heavenly minds, the Immaterial One, the Lord of Hosts created the heavenly host.
Great is the Lord, praised and exalted above the cherubim!
Holy is the Lord, hallowed and blessed by the seraphim!
Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, enthroned in glory, enlightening and sanctifying those who love the Lord God with all their heart, all their mind and all their strength, with purity of heart and trust in God.
Praise be God who translated Enoch that he would not see death!
Praise be God who preserved Noah and instructed him in the architecture of the ark!
Praise be God who blessed the Seed of Abraham that all nations would be blessed through him!
Praise be God who preserved Isaac from death by the command of the angel of the Lord!
Praise be God who empowered Jacob to overcome men and angels with the strength of God!
Praise be God who preserved Ishmael from death and showed mercy on handmaiden Hagar!
Praise be God who saved Joseph from despair and exalted Joseph by grace through humility and chastity, Joseph overcame the temptress and forgave his brethren!
Praise be God who preserved Moses from destruction at the hands of Pharaoh by the gracious aid of holy Hebrew Midwives of which the name of the one was Shiphrah, and the name of the other Puah!
Praise be God who gave Israel the Law and set them free from bondage!
Praise be God who established worship, confession and repentance even from of old!
Praise be God who sent the Holy Prophets!

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Reflection on Psalm 9 part 2
Let the praise of my heart be offered to Thee Almighty God!
For Thou hast made me to be glad in Thy goodness and Thy works have dazzled my soul with Thy glory!
Fill my heart with a new song O God!
Let the Song of the Gospel be within me and may the meditation of my heart be pleasing to Thee.
I will sing, o my soul, I will sung of the glory of the name of God!
I will bless His name forever, O blessed name, O sacred treasure!
O Most High turn back my diabolical enemies in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Turn back all my demonic foes, and let them be utterly ashamed!
Let the devils which assault me stumble and let the demons who oppress me be driven into the unending fires!
Unveil Thy might against my demonic foes O God and leave not one standing in Thy awesome presence!
Deliever my earthly enemies from there slavery to satan, bring Thy blessing upon them and shelter them in the shade of Thy peace from the dreadful day of Judgement.
Make feeble the the wicked serpents who strike at my heel and give me strength to crush their heads into the dust by the power of Christ.
For you are the Maintainer of Justice.
You are the First Cause and the Ultimate End, the Alpha and the Omega!
You are the Source of Righteousness!
I turn to Thee in supplication and pray that Thou would justify me by Thy grace!
Our Lord Jesus Christ shall come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and He shall judge justly all the nations.
In the exercise of His divine mercy He shall confer immortality upon all those who have kept His commandments and turned from wickedness by the power of the Holy Spirit.
He shall rebuke the nations with righteous fury He shall render judgement upon the wicked according to their crimes.
He shall blot out the names of the wicked from the Book of Life and they shall never enter into heaven.
O Most Merciful God, O Most Gracious Lord, O Most Benevolent Sovereign, O Most Loving Master, do not allow us to be consumed by Thy fury but in the greatness of Thy mercy grant us pardon and peace and eternal rest.
For You O Lord art our Rock and our Refuge.
You O God are a Stronghold of Justice and a Shelter for sinners to run into, calling upon the name of the Lord in humility and repentance and You shall hide us from Thy wrath and cleanse us in the blood of the Lamb.
The swords of the enemies kill the bodies but they have failed to kill the soul, for You O God deliever the soul from eternal death and with Thee is Eternal Life and Unending Joy!
The cities of Sodom and Gammorah are no more, neither are they wept for but God is glorified in their destruction.
But You O Lord endure forever!
You are our Hope and our Sweetness O Sovereign God!
You are our Peace and our Gladness O Blessed God!
You O God have prepared Your judgment before Eternity and You know whom shall inherit eternal life with Thee and who shall reject Thee and turn to satan.
With Thee O God is Life and with Thee is Beatitude!
With Thee O God is pardon and peace!
You shall judge all peoples in equity and with mercy, and you shall judge the world by fire and make all things new!
You shall renovate the whole of Thy creation and the heavens shall roll up as a scroll and vanish and the stars shall fall from heaven and the elements of the earth shall be laid bare, but Thy Majesty shall regenerate the universe, transfiguring all things in the Light of Thy countenance and a New Heaven and a New Earth shall appear!
O Lord you are a Refuge for the poor and the humble!
You are a Helper of all who are in tribulation, You give seasonable help in affliction!
Let all who know the name of the Lord trust in Thee O God!
For You never forsake those who diligently seek Thee neither do you fail those who vigilantly watch for Thee!

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Psalm 11: Vulgate, Douay-Rheims, Brenton Septuagint
In finem. Psalmus David.
2 In Domino confido ; quomodo dicitis animæ meæ :
 Transmigra in montem sicut passer
3 Quoniam ecce peccatores intenderunt arcum ;
paraverunt sagittas suas in pharetra, ut sagittent in obscuro rectos corde : 4 quoniam quæ perfecisti destruxerunt ; justus autem, quid fecit ?
5 Dominus in templo sancto suo ; Dominus in cælo sedes ejus.
Oculi ejus in pauperem respiciunt ; palpebræ ejus interrogant filios hominum.
 6 Dominus interrogat justum et impium ;
qui autem diligit iniquitatem, odit animam suam.
7 Pluet super peccatores laqueos ;
ignis et sulphur, et spiritus procellarum, pars calicis eorum.
8 Quoniam justus Dominus, et justitias dilexit :
æquitatem vidit vultus ejus.
1 «Unto the end. A psalm to David.»
2 In the Lord I put my trust: how then do you say to my soul: Get thee away from hence to the mountain, like a sparrow.
3 For, lo, the wicked have bent their bow: they have prepared their arrows in the quiver, to shoot in the dark the upright of heart.
4 For they have destroyed the things which thou hast made: but what has the just man done?
5 The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in heaven. His eyes look on the poor man: his eyelids examine the sons of men.
6 The Lord trieth the just and the wicked: but he that loveth iniquity, hateth his own soul.
7 He shall rain snares upon sinners: fire and brimstone, and storms of winds, shall be the portion of their cup.
8 For the Lord is just, and hath loved justice: his countenance hath beheld righteousness.
1 For the end, a Psalm of David.
2 In the Lord I have put my trust: how will ye say to my soul, Flee to the mountains as a sparrow.
3 For behold the sinners have bent their bow, they have prepared their arrows for the quiver, to shoot privily at the upright in heart.
4 For they have pulled down what thou didst frame, but what has the righteous done?
5 The Lord is in his holy temple, as for the Lord, his throne is in heaven: his eyes look upon the poor, his eyelids try the sons of men.
6 The Lord tries the righteous and the ungodly: and he that loves unrighteousness hates his own soul.
7 He shall rain upon sinners snares, fire, and brimstone, and a stormy blast shall be the portion of their cup.
8 For the Lord is righteous, and loves  righteousness; his face beholds uprightness.

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Deepest thanks and congratulations for your effort in continuing these; obviously many people have referred to them and they are a great standard for comparison with other translations.

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Deepest thanks and congratulations for your effort in continuing these; obviously many people have referred to them and they are a great standard for comparison with other translations.
I am glad that you appreciate this thread. God-willing I will continue posting Psalms and reflections.

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Reflection on Psalm 11
In the Lord is my trust and He gives me perfect peace.
I have found refuge admist the mountain of the Lord for He has cleansed my hands and purified my lips and my heart is filled with songs of His salvation.
O come and let us soar hence as the dove of silver wings and as the Phoenix rises again let us with minds enlightened by the Wisdom of God take up the wings of love and soar towards the heavens that we may escape the corruption of this world.
O my Jesus, the arrows of passion have pierced my flesh and their poisonous darts have rotted my bones, do Thou O Incorruptible Medicine of Immortality save me!
O Jesus break the arms of the wicked and tear asunder their bows and do Thou shield me with Thy mercy!
For You O God are my Righteousness and You are the God of my heart, dwelling in peace and filling me with Holy Lighy of Perfect Joy.
Shield my heart with the Armor of Light and place upon me the breastplate of righteousness that I may withstand the arrows of the foe in the day of battle.
For if Thou dost given them permission to destroy the work of Thy hands then I shall have no escape, but Thou art a Good and Gracious God, the Protector of the weak and the Salvation of the just!
Therefore take pity upon me a sinner and turn Thy wrath away from me and place me under the protection of Thy right hand that I may rise in glory and not in shame!
For what hope has the just man in his own justice? For pride is the fall of those who believe that they are unable to fall, but you O God ordain the humiliation of the proud man that he may obtain a place among the penitent and find mercy in Thy sight.
But You O Lord art Holy, enthroned forever above the highest heaven and You are worshipped in Thy Holy Temple by countless Angels and all the blessed souls of those who have pleased You throught the ages.
Thy mercy is upon the poor and humble yet You test the children of men to see if they will obey Wisdom.
O Lord you purify the just man and cleanse the wicked.
You look upon the lovers of iniquity as an abomination and you send affliction upon those who love unrighteousness.
O Lord Lover of Mankind have mercy on us! We have sinned, we have not payed You the honor, glory and worship due to You but have given them to men, and beasts and the works of our hands!
We have fallen into Thy snare O Lord and there is none to deliever us but You O God!
For the sake of Thy exceedingly Great Mercy, look with compassion on us sinners and so Thou raise us up and carry us upon our shoulders for You are our Shepherd and we are the sheep of your hand!
Deliever us O Lord from the fires of hell!
Save us O God from the abomination of desolation!
Grant us peace O Master from the storms of passion!
Rebuke the prince of the power of the air and ransom us from evil!
For You O God art our portion and our inheritance!
From Thy Altar of God, You offer us the Cup of Salvation and the Wine of Immortality, be not exceedingly wroth with us but in Thy mercy hear and save us poor sinners who cry to Thee "Lord save us from everlasting death!"
For You are Just O God and Righteous, Merciful and Kind, slow to anger and swift to forgive and You have loved justice and righteousness, therefore grant to us miserable sinners repentance and righteousness, penitence and justice, compunction and charity!
Grant that by Thy grace we may be made just and look upon Thy face in the recompense of Thy Lovingkindness!

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Psalm 12: Vulgate, Douay-Rheims, Brenton Septuagint
1 In finem, pro octava. Psalmus David.
2 Salvum me fac, Domine, quoniam defecit sanctus,
 quoniam diminutae sunt veritates a filiis hominum.
3 Vana locuti sunt unusquisque ad proximum suum;
labia dolosa, in corde et corde locuti sunt.
4 Disperdat Dominus universa labia dolosa, et linguam magniloquam.
5 Qui dixerunt: Linguam nostram magnificabimus;
 labia nostra a nobis sunt. Quis noster dominus est?
6 Propter miseriam inopum, et gemitum pauperum, nunc exsurgam, dicit Dominus.
 Ponam in salutari; fiducialiter agam in eo.
7 Eloquia Domini, eloquia casta;
argentum igne examinatum, probatum terrae, purgatum septuplum.
8 Tu, Domine, servabis nos, et custodies nos a generatione hac in aeternum.
9 In circuitu impii ambulant: secundum altitudinem tuam multiplicasti filios hominum.
?1 Unto the end: for the octave, a psalm for David.
2 Save me, O Lord, for there is now no saint: truths are decayed from among the children of men.
3 They have spoken vain things, every one to his neighbour: with deceitful lips, and with a double heart have they spoken.
4 May the Lord destroy all deceitful lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things.
5 Who have said: We will magnify our tongue: our lips are our own: who is Lord over us?
6 By reason of the misery of the needy, and the groans of the poor, now will I arise, saith the Lord. I will set him in safety: I will deal confidently in his regard.
7 The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried by the fire, purged from the earth, refined seven times.
8 Thou, O Lord, wilt preserve us: and keep us from this generation for ever.
9 The wicked walk round about: according to thy highness, thou hast multiplied the children of men.
1 For the end, A Psalm of David, upon the eighth.
Save me, O Lord; for the godly man has failed; for truth is diminished from among the children of men.
2 Every one has spoken vanity to his neighbour: their lips are deceitful, they have spoken with a double heart.
3 Let the Lord destroy all the deceitful lips, and the tongue that speaks great words:
4 who have said, We will magnify our tongue; our lips are our own: who is Lord of us?
5 Because of the misery of the poor, and because of the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the Lord, I will set them in safety; I will speak to them thereof openly.
6 The oracles of the Lord are pure oracles; as silver tried in the fire, proved in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
7 Thou, O Lord, shalt keep us, and shalt preserve us, from this generation, and for ever.
8 The ungodly walk around: according to thy greatness thou has greatly exalted the sons of men.

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Reflection on Psalm 12
Perfection belongs to the Eighth Day, the New Creation, the Revitalization of the Universe.
Dear Lord, save me from remaining a sinner and make a saint of me.
O God of heaven, teach me Thy Truth that godliness may not diminish but flourish in me by Thy Grace. Open my mouth that I may declare to the children of men the marvelous things of Wisdom. Preserve my mouth from speaking vanities and guard my tongue from deceit. Seal my heart with fidelity to You O God and restore within me Thy blessed image and likeness which I have deformed by my sin.
O Lord if every lips lie, Thou alone shalt remain true and Thy Word fails not nor changes. If I have spoke proud things and rendered unjust judgments, my God, forgive me and undo the wickedness which I have performed. Perfect Lord, grant me humility and repentance, obedience and kindness, mercy and love which casts out fear. For I shall magnify Thy Truth O God and I shall glorify Thy Name o Most High! Steadfast have you been since the days of old and Thy Covenant Thou hast kept from the day of their inception. My lips O Lord are Yours, fill them with Thy praise, grace then with Thy Truth, circumcise them with Thy Love.
Merciful Lord, look upon the poor and needy, for they are Thine own, the sheep of Thy flock, the remnants of great nations once long ago. Arise O Lord in kindness and establish them in Thy safety, procure for them Thy peace which never fails. Speak to their souls, give them confidence in Thee and make known to them the treasures of Thy Mercy.

O Sovereign Lord of Sacred Eloquence, O Pure Word which refines the virtues of men with the Living Flames of Love. Purify O Lord, sevenfold our hearts and minds, souls and bodies, hands and feet and tongue by the Sevenfold Gifts of Thy Heavenly Spirit that we may come forth from every trial more pure and holier still. Set bounds around the wicked, prevent them from walking in evil and cause them to return to You that they may multiply their praise of Thee and bear fruit in abundance. Amen