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Title: Prayer for Good News
Post by: eschator83 on October 29, 2021, 04:52:05 PM
Today as I imagine President Biden meeting with Pope Francis, I pray that their discussion may somehow be motivating them and the world toward traditional Catholic values, especially toward pro-life.  Atheists worldwide seem nearly to be controlling almost every aspect of media, government, and even education, and may be closing in on healthcare.  It is frequently hard to find good news.
I pray, however, that there was potential good news last month despite the awful vote in the US House of Reps, which i think was a terrible step toward codification of the dreadful Wade vs Roe Supreme Court ruling as Federal Law.  Yes this was another despicable act by the Democratic Party, but the good news is 1- the Senate didn't go along, 2- the Republicans voted against it, and in a muted way this erroneous authority of the Supreme Court has perhaps been lessened by a temporary 2-year majority in the lower House which can quite easily be ignored and even reversed.