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Title: Maybe you know
Post by: Brigid on March 22, 2010, 05:34:32 PM
How do I get a "link" from pictures of the grandkids I have on my computer? I don't want them where I have Mary and Baby Jesus, but want to make them available for those interested. They are sooooo cute. Even tho' I have a Mac, much of the info will probably cross-over (I have MS Office and YouTube, for instance). Just don't give directions about keys on the keyboard - those are different. :( .

Title: Re: Maybe you know
Post by: Shin on March 23, 2010, 04:27:52 PM
Hmm, there are ways..

Let me try to think.. hm..

You can use the webspace your Internet Service Provider has given you. They have given you that, you probably just aren't aware of it, it usually is standard with every person's Internet account.

They give you a free place where you can upload your files, and then you can link to these files on the Internet.

But where is your webspace? Well, your Internet service provider will have that in their help pages.. or you can contact them and ask them where it is.

Or if you wish, PM me the ISP name, and I'll look, and tell you what steps to take to access it. :) It's no trouble at all and I'd gladly help you out further.  :D

I'm thinking of eventually providing some kind of image file gallery for users here, but that won't be for some time yet.

There are also free webspace/imagespace providers on the net of varying quality, but I can't recommend one specifically offhand.