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Title: Policies on Pictures and Links
Post by: Shin on January 22, 2010, 11:55:39 AM
Here's a short notice on outside links and images.

This is where restrictions come in.  ;D

If you've surfed the Saints' series of websites at all you know it's very sparing in links outside of it, and what it chooses are only religious links.

I'd like to ask posters to be so too.

I'd like to ask that if you are going to post a link in a thread it only be to a Catholic website, or personal one.

And if in either case you do, make certain it lives up to the Marian standards of modesty, in any images it may contain. This will minus out some websites that use advertisements.

What are the Marian standards of modesty? There are some good websites about this if you search, in time I will provide some links or a section about this. Modesty websites generally contain quotations from Padre Pio and Cardinal Siri.

For those unfamiliar with it, if it would bother an Amish person or a Victorian person, consider it probably nix!  :D

I am only a little kidding!  O:)

It's a shame I have to use these as examples instead of just 'Catholic'.  :-[ These are tough times!

If you have a secular website you feel a need to link outside to, for some reason or another, that you feel is inoffensive entirely, PM me first about it, if you absolutely feel the need to. But I doubt it will be necessary -- A few paragraphs quoted about what ever it is you feel the need to talk about, should do the trick.

And in this way we will avoid linking to offensive content.

I know not everyone here knows all the traditional Catholic standards of modesty, and that's OK enough as far as it goes. This policy is about links and images.

Let's keep it simple and modest please. :)  I want this place to be a safe haven for the eyes.