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1  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: Devotion vs. Being Pharisaical on: January 25, 2010, 01:05:13 PM

But then how can I discern whether I am experiencing His Will for my aridity or am creating it myself and shoving Him away?


... But maybe it is also part of my showing myself how devout I am.(?) You're also right in saying that we do need to encourage each other in the Lord. St. Paul says as much.

I think it may well be too - but I am sure only in PART. But what comforts me, Brigid, when I look at myself with such things is that I think we ALL in this boat together. We are all fallen. And the Fall is to do with pride. I at least certainly have a pride that is egocentrically concerned woth "showing myself how devout I am."

And I don´t think you and I are alone with this problem Smiley!

But as we become aware of it, it shows our conscience is developing, that we are His Grace ...

2  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: Devotion vs. Being Pharisaical on: January 24, 2010, 09:49:59 AM
How do you tell when your devotions are bringing you closer to Him or are only lip-service. I pray meditatively/contemplatively every day, and have numerous devotions, but most of the time I feel that I'm just trying to show myself how devout I am. I realize we can't go solely by feelings, however since we're humans (unlike Mr. Spock) we have to acknowledge them somewhat. Is this simply aridity?

Any ideas?

The fact that you are conscious of the possibility of " just trying to show myself how devout I am" ...

Show IMHO an efficacy to your prayer life in itself.

This fallenness exists in all of us. Wanting to take pride in ourselves. But the more we become conscious of it, the more it shows I think God is winning ...

Of course comments like this from myself will tend to feed the tendency to pride!

Still I think encouragement is good and we just need to try to keep watching, be conscious of this temptation, while knowing it will never go away in this world ...

Though I have not so much time, I am enjoying reading the beauty and sincerity I am finding at this new forum ...
3  Forums / Announcements, News & Updates / Re: Welcome to the Saints' Discussion Forums on: January 23, 2010, 09:04:57 AM
These forums have been created to be an alternative to the more contentious, argumentative, and griping forums so often found throughout the net.

The emphasis is upon friendliness, peace, and joy and mutual support.

Everyone who posts on these forums is called upon to respond to others in a manner fitting the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto your own self, and even beyond this.

If you feel the need to post otherwise, there are other forums from which this forum is a refugee hospital that you may return to. Moderation will be engaged in as is necessary to ensure that there is a genuine spirit of love of neighbor in our posts. Do not put on a false smile! Genuinely work up a true spirit of love, of care, for your neighbor, and you will profit immensely. Think of your neighbor as a visit from Christ.

Try to be a saint.  Cheesy

So here follow some principles and rules of the road.

And these are meant seriously, so please pay attention to them.

Before you post, if you feel as if you are unleashing darkness upon the earth, a gripe, a flame, a put down, a crushing argument that will give you victory -- Don't! It does not matter if you actually have the right belief or truth or not, this is not the spirit in which to proceed to deliver it.

Stop, pray, and think about how to communicate differently, in a spirit of love.

Hold back, and if someone has a view you differ with, approach that person from the viewpoint of a friend, who genuinely cares rather than a debater who is trying to prove a point which in the end, if true, will always be so and does not need so much an investment as to discard any love. Think more of what will move the person you are speaking to, to understand and walk in your own shoes, rather than focusing only on the abstract of the discussion.

Do not expect people to agree with you immediately even if you do this, but leave it up to God and give them time to digest and think over what you have said, rather than feel they have to defend their beliefs to the last man because of some emotional investment in them. We must be detached if we are to find the truth, and our emotions and the emotions we stir up in delivering that truth can be a barrier to this.

A times people will express beliefs that require a firm response. Be firm without being harsh.

So, these forums are not places for debates, arguments, griping, etc. They are for courteous discussions.

'Where there is no love, put love, and you will find love.'

St. John of the Cross

Truly God is everywhere in all the troubles and joys of our lives, though in different ways. And wherever God is, there is a reason for happiness.  

This call is truly impressive and beautiful. I have yet to see anything like it in a forum.

May I be worthy Lord to follow this call when I post here. May my dark and fallen heart not spread darkness through the internet. Make my heart like unto thine.

Thank you for inviting me, Shin ...
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