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1  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: Quote for the Day on: July 05, 2015, 12:22:56 AM
Don't imagine that, if you had a great deal of time, you would spend more of it in prayer. Get rid of that idea; it is no hindrance to prayer to spend your time well.
----- St. Theresa of Avila

I guess I was wrong all this time  shrug I have been trying to get that time for intimate prayer but I don't seem to succeed. I compensate by praying offering all my prayers, works, and sufferings, of the day the very moment I wake up coz I might forget to pray. Pray the rosary going to work because it takes me 4 to 5 hours a day spent on the road going to and from work. A simple thank you for not being late despite the traffic or got a ride despite the fact that very few trains are available or finally getting a seat on the train after waiting for it to arrive after 30 minutes of waiting...  Everyday is a struggle to get to and from one's destination and so I am thankful for small mercies and surviving and getting home safely at the end of the day.

Because of this hectic day, for me a DAY is a life of prayer.

2  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: The seed of virtue on: January 03, 2015, 09:13:43 PM
When your work involves money, to handle it properly you'll need the virtue of honesty.
When your work involves talking with different kinds of people, you'll need the virtue of patience, honesty and love.
In whatever work you do, how you live your life would be a seed to grow a virtue.

 Little Angel
3  Forums / Pro-Life News & Talk / St. Basil the Great on Abortion on: January 02, 2015, 10:03:49 PM
A woman who deliberately destroys a fetus is answerable for murder. And any fine distinction between its being completely formed or unformed is not admissible among us.

I researched when St. Basil lived (born around 330AD) ... I've always known the stand of the Church concerning abortion.  And I've wondered how long has this been taught.  Well, now I know!  Grin

People argue as to when a baby is considered a person.  That's why they have this "window of opportunity" to abort a fetus.  Which is RIDICULOUS! 

The beginning of life is the instant fertilization of the egg by the sperm.  Conception is not when a fetus is formed "enough" ... Conceiving is enough.  He/she is a person already.

4  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: Quote for the Day on: January 02, 2015, 09:24:32 PM

I think these days, people don’t have time for people.  They are always checking their phones, tablets, or whatever internet social media or games.  People don’t turn off their phones in movie houses, church and family get together.  Instead of kids playing and talking with each other, all are busy with their games with phones.  No wonder kids don’t have social skill unless it’s through the internet.  They don’t know how to play, get the sun on their faces, skin their knees, climb trees, run and play tag, use their imagination to entertain themselves…. To READ and WRITE COMPLETE AND CORRECTLY SPELLED SENTENCES!!! Just looking at people engage in their phones, etc. makes me dizzy, stressful and I feel for them.  Do they still get to improve themselves? Or converse with their family and friends face to face? Can you put your head on social sites'  shoulder when your down? or can these social sites hug you?  Cry  I wonder... would they survive a day without any electronic device in their hands?  Roll Eyes Grin

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5  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: Two sides of a coin on: January 01, 2015, 11:15:32 PM
i think that is what Mama Mary would prefer.  That the two sides be of Jesus.  As I've always been taught... Mary does not acquire glory for herself but always for God and thus Mary always points us to Jesus.  Little Angel
6  Forums / Everything Else / Re: What was Satan's first sin? on: December 27, 2013, 11:40:15 PM
Satan's first sin was to say "Non Serviam." (I will not serve.) to God.

Could this be a response to God that angels are to guide man?  It's like he doesn't understand doesn't want to understand why God loves us so much.  We are such flawed creatures and yet we are the most beloved.
7  Forums / Catholic General Discussion / Re: Roman Catholic v/s Coptic orthodox on: December 27, 2013, 11:15:04 PM
The Roman Catholic Church has a way of choosing the next pope.  For the Coptic orthodox they select a boy to select a ball(?) with the candidates' names and whoever the boy chooses (not seeing the names of course) will be the next leader of the coptic orthodox.  I don't know if they also call their leader "pope".

8  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: Catholic Modesty on: July 05, 2013, 10:27:14 PM
Hmmm... I seem to be always violating the rule of discussing television shows. 

I wonder... Is it a defense that I'm NOT promoting the television show per se but sharing a view of what happens in the world?  Since basically, it is the only way I learn about people and other cultures.  Like in Jesus' parable the weed grows with the crop when the farmer asked if he should pull out the weed.  Because if you pull out the weed, you might also pull out the sprout growing beside it.  Let them both grow and when the time comes for reaping, it will be easier to take out the weed for the sprout has grown strong root and the weeds will be taken out and be burned.  (Uhmm... I'm sure I didn't get the verses verbatim... but that what it means, right?)

And like in writing a book, if you take something from another book so as not to be plagiarized(?) one has to acknowledge where one got his resources, right?  Which is why I refer to where I've seen such a thing.  I didn't think I was doing anything wrong.   Embarrassed  However, since I am, I apologize and will try to do better.

But let me be a devil's advocate for an argument.  What of places where clothing is not an issue for some cultures?  There are people in Africa where women don't wear blouses and men wear thongs of some kind.  I believe in our mountain province it's the same case.  But when missionaries come in,  when these people are as innocent as babes in not having any idea of their nakedness as "bad", missionaries begin teaching that it is "bad" or "immodest".  Nakedness being bad or immodest is a Western idea, I think.  Don't get me wrong.  I am for modesty.  And I'm from a generation where mini-skirts, low necklines (no cleavage seen necessarily), and spaghetti straps are somehow a no-no... for which such things are now normal for the younger generations.  But isn't there a Church teaching of adapting to other people's cultures? I mean...up to a point...

I believe God said to Adam and Eve, "Who told you you were naked?"  It was only when they've been disobedient that God taught them how to make clothes.  Because the body God created which is a thing of beauty can no longer go around without coverings, lest shame and lust be in a person's mind.  Because we can no longer become who we were once... INNOCENT. 

9  Forums / Book Study / EXODUS 7 TO 11 on: July 05, 2013, 09:02:35 PM
   Exodus 7:19.  I thought only the Nile was turned to blood.  In my mind what is so amazing is that the river Nile itself turned red.  Can any magician do something in this magnitude?  But the pharaoh’s magician did turn the Nile red… The catch is…can they turn it back?  Also, it seems all the water, even in containers was also turned into blood.  I never thought the significance of this.  Where’s the punishment there?  Now I realized, without the water in the Nile, even those in containers, what would the Egyptians drink? Of course this was mentioned in verse 24… But, although I must have read this before… It’s like this is the first time I’m reading this!  How blind can I get, huh?

   Exodus 8:5-9.  And with the plague of the frogs, I wonder why only the frogs in the Nile remained?  To have “frogs” for punishment… maybe because they are slimy? Smiley  Or can you imagine what a racket they’d create with their croaks? Smiley

10  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: Catholic Modesty on: April 08, 2013, 10:49:16 PM
Now, I'm not promoting a show...but I've seen this "My big gypsy wedding"... and well, they get negative comments from people just because of the way they dress and how they act. Not being a Westerner, I don't really know much about them except from books one reads.  However, seeing the show, one has a better idea of them.  And it was surprising to know that they are practicing Catholics  Grin It's a case of "Do not judge a book by its cover." kind of thing.  They have big families and are not promiscuous as other people think. 

One girl made a very good argument.  Why are they being judge that they marry in such an early age and get pregnant at an early age.  But there are teenagers who get pregnant without a husband and don't get the same criticism.  At least they are married when they get pregnant.  And they seem to be faithful to their spouses.

Why did I mention this here?  Well because they do wear rather revealing clothes, but their hearts are in the right place.  Considering other people who who dress modestly and claim to be Christians...but behind locked doors... they are having an affair.

11  Forums / Catholic General Discussion / Re: Would this bother you? on: March 28, 2013, 01:42:40 AM
Well, Shin, I was thinking of a Western scenario.  Grin  We don't have such things (dog helpers) in the Philippines (I think  Undecided  Huh? )  And since we have crowded mass services, I don't think the person sitting beside a person who brings a dog along will appreciate it  Grin 

12  Forums / Catholic General Discussion / Re: Roman Catholic v/s Coptic orthodox on: January 23, 2013, 01:58:24 AM
Is Coptic Orthodox a break away from Greek Orthodox?

As far as I know with Orthodox that broke away from the Catholic Church, there are lots of similarities except for two things.

1.  For Catholics, the trinity is basically an equilateral triangle.  Therefore, 3 persons, one nature, all are equal.  With Orthodoxy, the trinity is the Father, then the Son, then the Holy Spirit. To draw it would be the Father, then an arrow downwards to the Son, and then an arrow downwards to the Holy Spirit.

2.  They don't have a pope. Or maybe it is more correct to say that they don't acknowledge our pope as their pope.

13  Forums / Catholic General Discussion / Re: Christmas & Celebrating it as Catholics on: January 23, 2013, 01:18:18 AM

But instead we busy ourselves with the gift buying ahead of time, do everything on Christmas, and then it's all over the next day as if the Christmas season did not exist, or as if it existed in Advent, prior to Christmas. The Christmas decorations disappear the day after December 25th.

Thoughts folks?

As a Filipino, I do find the American way (or is it the same for other Western culture?) of celebrating Christmas offense meant, ok?  Wink  Christmas decorations in the Philippines can start as early as November 3  Grin Grin Grin  And decorations disappear either after 3 kings or weeks after that... when people have time  Grin 

One of our parks which is government controlled still has Christmas lights in their trees  Grin Grin Grin   Christmas gifts can be given as early as December 1 or as late as 3 kings  Grin Christmas parties can be held as early as December 10 and as late as 3 kings.

And it is a time of giving. Offices, organizations, clubs would have out-reach programs.  And it is a time of waiting like in Lent which is why statues are also covered in violet and the priests' vestments are violet.

Then why follow this secular tradition? Why put down Christmas decorations on December 25? You can always let it sit for a while and if somebody ask, you can always say, "Well, technically, it is still the Christmas season."  Grin

 Little Angel
14  Forums / Catholic General Discussion / Re: Would this bother you? on: January 23, 2013, 12:52:06 AM
It would definitely bother me . I tried to find out if there is anything official on the issue but drew a blank.
Here is an excerpt from an article I found on line. It is from " World on Campus", the article entitled "Animal lovers push to bring dogs to church",  was written on February 8, 2012 by a Meghan Gilmore. Here is what she writes.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, in Mission, Tex., recently made national news when it was featured in a USA Today article about its priest's support for dogs in mass. Father Roy Snipes told the paper that the presence of dogs eliminates the "rigid and frigid" feelings that are sometimes associated with a first-time visit to church. Snipes, who first brought his dogs to mass in 1985 scoffed at suggestions that including animals in worship was a "new age" phenomenon. When Jesus was born in a stable, animals gathered all around the manger, Snipes said.

This bothers me.  How can a priest say our mass is "rigid and frigid"? That is not the way to advertise our mass.  Our mass is not RIGID just because we follow a FORM.  Our mass is not FRIGID because it is about CHRIST who gives us LIFE in the Eucharist.  That priest must be the rigid and frigid one.  Angry 

A dog is an animal.  It is not proper for it to be in Church during mass.  Unless it's there because the person has disability. 

Animal rights is for them not to be treated cruelly by people.  It doesn't mean they have equal rights to human beings...DUH... Tongue

15  Forums / Catholic General Discussion / Re: Open Confessions on: January 23, 2013, 12:32:13 AM
During Lent here in the Philippines, we have what we call KUMPISALANG BAYAN (roughly translated... confession for the nation).  It means a certain day is given where everybody who wants to go to confession can come. I think our church do this so that it gives the people a chance to at least comply with the Church requirement to at least go to confession once year.  Usually this is set on Holy Wednesday and/or Holy Thursday ... either the start will be in the morning or in the evening.  One time I went to this it was Thursday starting at 7 pm.  Our church can probably hold around 500 to 700 people, I think  Huh?  One pew can sit 8 to 10 people. There are, I think 15 pews in one row and there are 5 rows of pews.  We only have one confessional box.  The priest is in the middle and 2 people at each side.  One priest cannot hear the confession of 500 people.  So our church had... 6 or 8 priest in different places in the church.  Where the priest is sitting, a kneeller pew is beside him for the one who will confess.  The priests were placed far enough so that the confession of the person will not be heard by those who are waiting for their turn.  I was in the 5th row. 

Since our priest here can celebrate mass in government offices, there are times also during Lent that the priest would give confession in the office and in a room, people would be waiting for their turn and the priest would be just far enough from the others for privacy of what the penant will confess.

I also prefer to confess in a confessional booth... but at times it is not always available.

16  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Re: Advent, Christmas, & the Infant Jesus - Devotions! on: January 22, 2013, 11:53:01 PM
I wonder what the Protestants' reaction to our (Catholic) having an image and devotion to the Infant Jesus?
They have something against our saints... but with Jesus as an infant?  Huh?
Does anybody here know?

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