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1  Forums / Saints' & Spiritual Life General Discussion / Sisters of the Little Flower on: January 02, 2017, 08:27:27 PM
I have been enjoying reading The Intimate Life of Saint Therese Portrayed by Those Who Knew Her by Fr. Albert Dolan, O. Carm. Fr. Dolan had a chance in 1926 to interview the four then living sisters of St. Therese, all of whom were nuns, Pauline, Celine, and Marie at the Carmelite convent in Lisieux and Leonie at a Visitation convent three hours away. Fr Dolan asked the sisters to say something to the members of the Little Flower Society and to all lovers of the Little Flower in America.

Mother Agnes (Pauline) told Fr. Dolan, “Tell the ladies of the Little Flower Society of America that if they would please the Little Flower and win her favor, they must not follow the fashion when the fashion demands immodest or indecent dress.” “Tell the men of the Society of the Little Flower that if they would please St. Therese and win her favor, they must hold themselves aloof from all that is low and base and ignoble and go to Holy Communion frequently.”

Celine, “Tell the members of the Little Flower Society in America that they should not only admire but also imitate the Little Flower.”

Marie, “Tell the members of the Little Flower Society in America, Father, that they never need fear losing their souls if they imitate Saint Therese in her love of our Blessed Mother.”

Leonie, “Give them this message, Father: tell them that if we would please the Little Flower we must be humble as she was, and we will be humble if we will repeat frequently every day the ejaculation, ‘Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto Thine.’”
2  Forums / Announcements, News & Updates / Re: Welcome to the Saints' Discussion Forums on: January 02, 2017, 06:02:50 PM
cherubim Welcome to the Saints' Discussion Forums St. Camillus!  cherubim

You have picked a great saint's name there. It's quite an interesting life he lived! I remember enjoying reading about him, he had a rough time of it, what a fellow.


It sounds like you're making some great progress separating yourself from the world and developing the habit of loving the virtuous life! We really have to love virtue and be happy with it to be able to separate ourselves as we always seek something or other to find some kind of fulfillment.

It's great to mortify the curiosity and cut out a lot of time wasters. The more I mortify my curiosity the happier I am in the long run, a clean mind is full of happier thoughts and able to meditate on virtuous things without as much chaff and distraction. And if you think a site is going to have any images with problems, but you still have a sufficiently good reason to go -- 'turn images off' before visiting it. There are add on buttons for that for some browsers. It may be clunkier but the safety of our minds is paramount!

In this winter season it's just about the time the seed catalogs all start getting sent out to the gardening folks. That means it's time to plan even if the ground is frozen and snowstorms predicted ahead! I can't garden now.. but I can enjoy the time planning. And I can read about the meanings of plants and their spiritual meanings and medicinal uses to help enjoy my time when I'm not renovating the home. And I can gather quotes for the website and try to review more books to see if they can be included.

I pray you enjoy your time here! It's a little quiet but when folks put in a little effort to find holy quotes to share it's always a happy time reading and nourishes the soul. It's great too sharing a bit about our lives in the Daily Life threads. I hope you stop by those threads too! We could all use more good companions on this journey!  Cheesy

Thank you Shin for the nice welcome. St. Camillus did have an interesting life! I have a book called Saints for Sinners by an Archbishop Goodier which has a chapter about St. Camillus that really moved me when I read it. It is encouraging to know that even people with not the best backgrounds can become great saints. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto...

I do not know too much about gardening, but I hope that you have a good time planning and preparing.
3  Forums / Announcements, News & Updates / Re: Welcome to the Saints' Discussion Forums on: December 28, 2016, 11:36:17 PM

I wanted to join this forum because I think that it is a good thing to highly esteem the teachings of the saints as regards faith and morals, especially when the saints are in universal agreement on something. After all, they are the ones who were closest to God in this life and as a result of their closeness would better know His truths and what He requires us to do to save our souls so that we can enjoy Him and the unseen and unheard of joys and beauty in heaven.

I have occasionally lurked this forum and a few other forums and I have always found myself in agreement with Shin when he has posted about immodesty not being appropriate regardless of how few today are obeying God's laws. I saw that Shin posted on this forum that links are not generally permitted because countless websites contain immodest advertisements, and I realized that I am of one mind with Shin, even if out of bad habit I still lurk some forums that sometimes have immodest, or otherwise merely strange and ugly, advertisements that disturb my conscience.

One of my resolutions that I have had for the last several months is to spend more of my leisure time reading about the positive things of the faith - Holy Scripture, Catechisms, and the writings of the Saints - and less time reading the news, whether it be secular or church related. I have made some improvements in this respect, but am still far from perfect. My reasoning for my resolution has been my firm conviction that all of the current evils, whether in the political or church realm, can only be resolved by more people studying and living the faith, and that constant chatter about the evils is idle and fruitless. It is not that I think that a man should never inform himself about the news, but it is a matter of proportion and prioritizing. 

May God bless all the members, and thank you Shin in particular for being an edifying light, standing almost alone amidst the crowd.
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